TESTIMONIES 10 – Healed from Brain Tumor


Mr. Willie Reichart’s daughter (26 year old) was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.  We came to pray at his work for her (and she was not even there!); but the Lord touched her.  The next Wednesday she went for scans and tests, and the doctors confirmed that the Brain tumor is smaller (Disappearing!).  We prayed for her again the next Monday morning.

On the next Wednesday he phoned us in tears to let us know that God healed his daughter completely!  There is NO TUMOR in her brain.  Help us to give God the glory!  He is a faithful God and He is still the greatest Healer in Jesus Name!.


TESTIMONIES 9 – Two Complete Healings


Two weeks ago Adriaan came to our church for Healing from severe Headaches and Migraine, and God in all His awesomeness completely healing Adriaan from the Migraines after we prayed for him.

Adriaan also had an accident some time ago, and due to the accident he had a problem in his male parts, and Testicals.  The pain was very bad because his right testicle exploded and was running up and down in his tube.  This caused a lot of extreme pain as you could very well imagine; the pain as so bad that he was crying.

After prayer he felt a little bit better but there was still slight pain – i told him that the Lord would heal him during the night because when God wanted to create Eve He had to do a spiritual operation on Adam, and for this the Lord made Adam go to sleep; and then He removed a rib from Adam with which He formed Eve.  In the same sense i have found many times that God works on people while they are sleeping after we have prayed for them.

True enough, the next morning as Adriaan woke up, he was completely healed and there was no pain or any comfortableness in his body.


For a Testimony from Adriaan himself you could contact him on 060 443 5417, or his mother Rina on 082 421 6236.

TESTIMONIES 8 – Healed from Cancer


A few months ago we were ministering at a safety House in the Mooi-lande close to Three Rivers, and we met Marius who was very ill from cancer.

He was so thin because of all the weight he has lost due to the illness in his body that was trying to break him down.  But we trusted the Lord to do a great thing for him and we started praying for Marius, knowing that God is faithful.

In a few months he has kept us up to date with regards to his recovering from this illness, and he started also believing that he is healed.  We continued to encourage him saying to speak life over his situation and to thank the Lord for His healing spirit.

Just yesterday Marius let us know that he is healed in Jesus Name.  The big knob that was on his chest is gone!  It has been spiritually removed by God – How faithful is the Lord!  Marius says he has no more pain and he feels great.

We thank the Lord for His healing and give God all the glory in Jesus Name. For those who want to talk to Marius you are welcome to ask for his number by email at RestorationTRT@gmail.com.



TESTIMONIES 7 – so many

Goo day lovely people of God,

From time to time we post something on our Blog when we feel that people need to know how good God is.  But really, there are just so much to share.  In our church there are always Healing’s, Deliverance (spiritual cleansing); or people being set free through the Word of God.

Even our praise and worship is very deep and enlightened and is an experience of its own.  You are more than welcome to visit us any Sunday from 05h00pm.

Unfortunately though it seems that many people do not want their names and pictures out in the public as a Testimony to what Jesus has done for them.  This i can never understand, because if God has healed you, the world needs to know about His Goodness and need to know that He is the Healer…. etc.

Nevertheless, we will keep telling you of all the great things that God is doing for us here at TRT.



TESTIMONIES 6 – Healing from Spider Bite


We give God all the Glory!  Some time ago a sister in Church (who want to stay anonymous) was bitten by a spider.  Her knee was looking really bad, and there were black and red marks, and swelling as well as white puss coming out of the wound that looked like it was creating a whole in her knee.  This problem in her knee became serious and she could not walk straight or for long distances.

We went to pray for her, and God is an amazing God.  He touched her Knee and she is completely healed from the spider bite without having lost any part of her knee.  She can walk straight and upright again without any problems.

We give God the glory for the wonderful Healing He did for the sister and we are happy for her that she is blessed in Jesus Name.

Although it does not look like much, this was still in the beginning stages, and here the two black dots of the spider bite can be seen in Picture 3 on the sist that was full of puss.  On Picture two you can see the wide swelling of almost 14cm on the Knee Area. Praise the Lord for complete Healing!  God is Good!


TESTIMONIES 5 – Help to those in need


A few days ago, a family’s house burnt down in Leeuhof, Vereenigng.  TRT Relief Team went around to help with foo parcels, blankets, cushions, duvet’s, clothing, baby nappy’s, beds, cleaning stuff, and toys for the children.

Herewith some pictures that shows the day’s activities.  The family was very thankful for the help they received from us. We give God all the glory for what He has done for us.


There was hardly anything left from the destruction of the bad fire.  Here we loaded some stuff onto our Relief Trailer to take through for the family.

       The family was very great-ful for our help. 

Ps Nomsa was praying for the family to give them hope for the future.   

THANK YOU for all our Sponcers who came to help us with donating foodstuffs, blankets, etc. for us to take to this family who lost all they had in the fire which destroyed their home. May God bless you in abundance. 

TESTIMONIES 4 – God answering our Prayers


During our Radio Program KINGDOM AUTHORITY on every Thursday evening on 103 Hope Fm, we have had much feedback from people telling us that God had answered their prayers in regard to Job hunting; marriage problems they had; finding the right person to marry; healing in their physical bodies, new business opportunities, financial breakthroughs, and many more prayers that God answered.

We are very thankful for the platform of 103 Hope Fm that gives us the opportunity to be able to pray for all the 72 000 listeners every Thursday evening.

May God bless you all.


Ps Nomsa



During our Sunday Service we prayer for Mr. De rah to get a decent Job since he has been without a Job, for more than a year.

The very next day (Monday) he found a job.  Allthough not permanent it is a start and we trust the Lord to open even more greater doors for him.

Mr De Rah is not the only whom we have prayed for.  We prayed for Mark also to receive a job, and within two to three days he found a permanent position and he is now already there for months on end.

We also prayed for Andrew who received a great opportunity to travel in his new job, just a week or two after we prayed for Him. Hallelujah.

Apart from Mark, Andrew, and Rhodes, there are many other success stories where we have prayed for people who needed a job.  God is faithful and He always answers our prayers.

We give God all the Glory. Shalom.


HEALING – Itchi-ness & Rash; No sleep

Praise the Lord who has answered our prayers a week ago when we prayed for a man who had a serious problem on his skin.  He was itching non-stop and kept on scratching due to the itchi-ness.  His whole body was in a kind of “rash”. He could not sleep at all due to this problem, for years on end.

When we found out about the problem we went immediately to go and pray for him and God answered our prayers.  How amazing is God – the ever-lasting and faithful healer! We give God all the praises.

Within a week the man stopped itching, and stopped scratching himself; and he is also now sleeping better and becoming healthier.  Being not so tired anymore, it gives him the opportunity to do the things in day-time which he wants to do.


For more info contact our Office on 076 158 0954. Shalom.


TESTIMONIES 1 – Brain tumor healed in Jesus Name!

TESTIMONIES – Brain Tumor healed in Jesus Name!

Nicolette (24) the daughter of Willie and Naoimi Reichert had been having headaches from school-days.  Finally the headaches became too much and they decided to go to the Doctor.  The doctor gave them the bad news that she has a brain tumor – this was early in April 2018.

The doctors said that they will have to operate.  There was a lot of tests, a lot of crying, a lot of doubt, a lot of pipes in her body while she was in hospital; a lot of fear… and a lot of pain!   But God is the great Healer!

TRT prays for the Businesses every Monday morning and at the end of April while Willie was working at the place where we prayed; we meet them there at the business.  When i asked if anyone had a request for a special prayer he told us about his daughter and the brain tumor.  We immediately took authority over the tumor in Jesus name and prayed for complete healing; trusting and believing that God would release her from this tumor.  We prayed that the devil will detach himself from her in Jesus Name.

The next week Willie came crying to the prayer meeting saying that the tumor is smaller.  Again we prayed and trusted God for complete healing.  They then had to go back to the doctor who wanted to send Nicolette for a scan to see where he needs to cut into her brain, but praise God, when she went for the scan, there was NO SIGN OF THE TUMOR!  This is the amazing God of the Heavens and the earth!  God is faithful, and He can do and will do for you what He did for this family.

She Nicolette (24) is now completely healed in Jesus Name and will remain healed. Glory to God!!  For more info you can contact the Parents directly who will witness to the glory of God who is still the greatest Healer in this Universe.  Cel.  0724553718

Shalom, Prophetic Teacher Nomsa – TRT