Good day all,

Due to the Corona Virus our church is still closed, but we hope and pray that we should be able to open up in the beginning of September 2020. 

We miss you all and are praying for you, shalom. 


TESTIMONIES 20 – Signs & Miracles



TESTIMONIES 19 – Leg grew 4cm (Healing of Back-pain)

HEALING – His leg grew 4cm longer and he received healing of Back-pain.

It was one Sunday evening in church when David Motaung arrived complaining about back pain.  Ps Nomsa was praying for everyone and the Spirit of God was moving touching people and making them whole.  We serve a Mighty God!

David Motaung came out for prayer when he was called and he was prayed for.  God’s Spirit touched his life and his leg grew 4cm longer to be the same length as the other leg.  He was drunk in the spirit because of God’s Touch and he later said that he could bend, and walk straight; and also THERE WAS NO MORE PAIN!

GOD IS AN AMAZING GOD AND HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY for every miracle that happens at TRT.  We give God glory for touching His people in Jesus Name.

You are welcome to speak to David Motaung and ask him about his experience at TRT, where Ps Nomsa is the Leader as his spiritual mother.  David Motaung’s number is 078 385 9344.

We would like to meet you – please come and visit us one Sunday afternoon at 5H00. May God bless you. Shalom.


TESTIMONIES 18 – Saved from “Rabies”

Good day all,

Today i want to Testify to the Goodness of God in my life.  God is truly amazing! He is our Protector. 

A stranger cat came into our house late one night to get some food, and our cat “Donatello” fought with the stranger cat.  We woke up from the terrible noise of “cat-fighting”.  have you ever heard it?  It is really a terrible noise.

As i stepped into the corridor to go and see what is going on, i felt something against my leg and perceived the cat ran out by the back door.  Immediately i felt the burning sensation on my right foot where the cat scratched me, and when we put the lights on, it was just blood everywhere!  It was very deep scratches from the stranger cat.

This was at 3h00am in the morning.  I couldn’t go to emergency then because i would have waited the whole day there to be assisted; and i was meant to leave from home at 06h00 because i was preaching in Boksburg.

So finally i cleaned the wound and put some mercuro-chrome on to stop the bleeding, and also some “bactroban” ointment.  But of course i first prayed over my foot confessing that i will not get any damage in the foot from these scratches and there will be no complications.

After arriving home it was late Saturday afternoon, and being tired, i went to bed.  Sunday i did my preparation for the service and on Monday i made an appointment to see the doctor.  Unfortunately i could not get there Monday, so the appointment was scheduled for Tuesday.  When i arrived at the Doctor she told me it is better to go for the “Rabies” injections just to make sure.

I arrived at Midvaal Hospital to get the injections, and they sent me to the Dispensary to collect the injections.  And guess what?  The medical aid does not pay for it; and it is almost R12 500-00 for the whole package.  Now i ask you, who has got that kind of money just lying around somewhere? So i phoned my doctor who suggested i go to Medi-clinic in Vereeniging because they might be cheaper.

I wonder how the poor people in our country must afford this amount?  How is it possible that injections can be so expensive just to save your life from not getting Rabies.  What will happen if a little girl is bitten by a dog, and needs these injections, and her parents cannot afford to pay for it?  Must the little girl just die because the parents cannot afford it?  What is happening tot his world of ours, is it all about money?…!  Is our lives worth nothing if you don’t have money?

Anyway, Medi-clinic was only R8400-00 which was still a lot of money.  Hence, i spoke to a sister there who sent me to the Emergency and they opened a file for me.  In the meantime i was praying asking God to give me favor since i did not have the money to pay for the injections that i needed.  The devil is a liar!, he tried to steal from me.

After lengthy discussions, and explaining what happened, and completing all forms, they took me tot he bed and i waited for the doctor.  They took all my vitals to make sure i was ok, and then they fetched the injections for the dispensary.  I received some injections in my foot into the wounds…. man, i almost had a baby from the pain! Let me tell you something.  Never had i felt any pain like that! Then i received one injection in my arm and had to go back to hospital for another 3-4 injections every few days.  What a schlep! But i was ok, and i praise God!

Now let me tell you WHO this God is that we serve.  What an amazing God it is who helps us in times of need.  I didn’t have the money to pay for the injections that i desperately needed; and after all the waiting, filling in forms; explaining, etc… i only had to pay for my visit to the Emergence Room, which was R207-00…..

So, i ask you… how is that possible?  It is because we serve a mighty God! 

He is truly what He says He is.  He is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider! 




TESTIMONIES 17 – Receiving Jobs and Healing….+


Receiving Jobs and Healing +…..

Good day all,

Today we have to Testify tot he goodness of God.  Our Mamelodi Outreach was a huge success and God was faithful to touch many people that needed a touch from God.

Many people was asking for a new Job and after prayers, confessing by faith that they have received their new Job, we had so many Testimonies coming in from Monday, Tuesday and within a week after prayer, that they have found new Jobs with good Salaries.  God is faithful, we give Him the glory!

There were also people who needed Healing in their Physical bodies because of having much pain for months on end; even years.  Some were crying from pain that came back again and again… after prayer and confession of Healing, we trusted God for complete Healing.  Within a few days after our visit to Mamelodi we received many Testimonies of complete Healing in their physical bodies, int he Name of Jesus.  We give our great God all the glory for His tremendous Healing and faithful spirit.

For more Testimonies, you may contact Anita Engelbrecht on 0824476981;

or Ps. Stanley on 0744488491.  

To God all the Glory for His faithfullness.  Shalom.



TESTIMONIES 16 – Favor with Court case


Today we want to share with you a testimony about a Court Case which was hanging over the head of one of our congregation members Adriaan vd Heever.  He was involved in an accident and it ended up in court with a third party.

One Sunday evening before the Court Case (which was scheduled for the next Tuesday), we all prayed for him, and asked the Lord to help him in the current situation.  There was a lot of money involved in the case.

As we were praying the Holy Spirit led Prophet Nomsa to tell Adriaan to wear “black shoes” on Tuesday when he was going to the court.  The color BLACK in the spirit stands for spiritual Authority.  He promised to do so.

We waithing expectantly for the court case on Tuesday and that afternoon we had a call from Adriaan saying that God came through for him.  The case was resolved, and he (Adriaan) got the favor in the case; and there is going to be some good moneys to be paid out to him in the near future.

How amazing is our God!  He is faithful and He came through for Adriaan. God turned the whole case around to give Adriaan favor.

In the same way, we want to encourage you today, that God can also turn your situation around for you, in Jesus Name.  Trust Him with all your heart, and let us pray with you for your current situation.

You can contact Adriaan on 0610711956;  or his mother Rina on 0824216236

God bless

Hettie (Personal Assistant to Ps. Nomsa).


TESTIMONIES 15 – Complete Healing


About three weeks ago Ps. Nomsa’ hurt her toe very badly when she fell down while she was declaring war against the devil on the church ground.  The toe was turned upside down so that the nail was sitting at the bottom of the toe.  But how great is our God….!

Not only did the Lord provide a Christian Doctor for Ps. Nomsa’ to help with her toe, and to stitch it all together; but God also healed the toe within two weeks.  Ps. Nomsa’s toe is almost back to normal and she is allowed to travel again.

We give God all the Glory for His complete Healing!

  And the end result =   

 As good as new!   


TESTIMONIES 14 – Financial Breakthroughs

Financial Breakthrough

One of the families in our church was in desperate need of Finances since their business was behind on certain payments and they were starting to lose moneys.  In church one Sunday evening, we gave a good teaching on Tithing and trusted the Lord to come through for everyone that we were praying for.

A certain Couple (who want to stay anonymous) gave a tithing of R20-00 trusting the Lord for abundant increase and overflow in their business. This happened Sunday evening in the church service.  On Monday morning, they phoned to let us know that the Lord answered their prayer, and they just received a cheque for R20 000- (TWENTY THOUSAND RAND.  Isn’t God awesome?  

We give God all the glory for His provision and trust Him for our breakthroughs.  If you are relying on God for your increase, then visit us on Sunday evenings and we will pray for you at our church.  God is faithful and He will come through for you.

This is a true story and for confirmation you can phone our church and speak to any of our members. Shalom.

TESTIMONIES 13 – Healing sprain ancle


Praise God for He is the mighty HEALER!

A sprain ancle which was terribly swolen and hurting, was healed within one night in Jesus Night, through prayer and trusting God to do the impossible.  Give God praise for His miraculous wonder-working power!

  After falling down….  and praying to Jesus….. 

After three hours, no pain, no swelling, no hurt…. no nothing… just a small mark.  Completely Healed.  Praise God!



TESTIMONIES 12 – Gold on hands


Today we want to bless you by sharing something very interesting.

The glory of God is so amazing – The Lord is really an awesome Father. 

He graces us with His amazing presence when we worship and pray for others.

Sometimes during services or while we are praying my hands would get full of little sparkles of gold.

Isn’t God amazing! We give God all the glory!

For more proof and amazing truths such as these you can contact Rachel Grove – 0618165220.