President: J.L. Jansen van Vuuren
Author: Prophetic Teacher Nomsa
Dean: Mr. Kobus Botes


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This Bible College is available in South Africa as well as Abroad.

This Bible College is currently available in Afrikaans and English.

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It is our goal to have this Bible College in an African Tongue, ie. Zulu, etc. as from 2020.

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Student Manual 1st Year – “The Word of God”
Student Manual 2nd Year – “Kingdom Authority”
Student Manual 2rd Year – “Freedom in Christ”



Welcome!  Congratulations on your decision to join TRT Kingdom Bible College.  We welcome you with Love and want you to feel at home at the Kingdom Bible College.

We believe that through this Kingdom Bible College Teachings, you will learn much, and grow spiritually very fast and deeply. Through these Teachings some answers will be given to you, such as:

  • What happens to you when you physically die?
  • Is there a Hell and where is it?
  • What is the Kingdom of God?
  • Who is Jesus and why did He have to die for us?
  • Where does God come from?
  • What is “Visions” and “Dreams”?
  • What does Angels look like?
  • Is Demons real? – do they exist and what do they look like?
  • What is the 666 and 777 codes in the Bible?
  • Are you allowed to be cremated, or must you be buried – what does God’s Word say?
  • What is the purpose of you being on the earth?
  • Where is the spiritual world?
  • What does the bible say about “Aliens” and “Ufo’s”?
  • What does it mean to be enraptured into the glory cloud of God?

As you go along with these studies, you will start to see the Bible from another point of view. Scriptures will become new for you and revelations will become easier to grasp and will be a whole new experience for you.  Scriptures will open and you will be excited about the next Chapter.  We have so far only had good reports and excellent feed-back from our previous Bible College Students. We trust that it will be the same for you.

It is our wish that you would be touched by the working of the Holy Spirit of God; that your personal life will be intertwined with God’s Creation and that His Divine Kingdom Life He has promised you in His Word will become a reality in your life.

Please feel free at any time to contact our Offices if you have any questions or queries with regards to these Teachings.

Best wishes.


The Founder of the Kingdom Bible College is Ps. JL Jansen van Vuuren, better known as Prophetic Teacher Nomsa, through the help of the Holy Spirit of God. 

A few months before the death of her Husband, Nomsa received a vision from God with regards to the building of a big church, which was to be done in three stages.  Unfortunately, her husband was busy dying from a very bad sickness and she wanted to be there for him till the end.  At the time when her husband was just about to give up the ghost Ps. Nomsa started searching for answers in the Word of God with regards to spiritual cleansing (deliverance) and physical healing through the blood of Jesus.


Although the vision was still in early stages, it is evident that Ps. Nomsa was called by God for something great.  She did her 1st year studies through a Christian Centre’s Bible College on the Rand; and thereafter studied for the next five (5) years through a correspondence College in Cape Town.


During 2001 Ps. Nomsa started a church in Edenvale; and thereafter another church in Boksburg called the “Bos-kerk” where she preached the Word of God to street people and poor and needy souls.  As time went by, she realized that the people needed Jesus more than a plate of soup every Sunday.  Every Sunday she would go to the Bushes to have church and return without shoes.  The people started calling her the “Barefoot Preacher”.  Even today in her Church she would sometimes throw off her shoes, as she says: “I am walking on Holy Ground”.


An older prophecy started coming into fulfilment as time went by and many people were taken out of the bushes.  This woman went into the rough streets of Boksburg to fetch the hungry and lost, and gave them Bibles, food, clothing, shoes, blankets, and toys for the children.  Even as they are still doing to day at TRT Church.  Nomsa introduced the hungry and lost souls to their Maker, Jesus Christ.


With the registration of the Kingdom Bible College Nomsa realized that people are hungry for the true Word of God and she had a responsibility to do something about it.  The working of the Holy Spirit in her life is a reality which only exists in the life of some people.  Nomsa lives with the guidance of the Spirit of God and she boldly proclaims: The Holy Spirit is my constant companion”. 


Prophetic Teacher Nomsa preaches the Kingdom Teachings through-out South Africa and abroad to any denominations, colors, ages or races.  Her Kingdom Teachings is extremely exciting, interesting and easy to understand in the way she explains it in her Teacher’s Classes.


Ps. Nomsa was called to the Office of a Prophet by Prophetess Sannie (Springs); and Prof. Scheepers from Sasolburg.  Ps. Nomsa visited Prophet TB Joshua from Nigeria during January 2004 and he told her: “You are a blessed woman, You have the gifts, now go and do the work”.


For more information on her personal side, you are welcome to read her BLOG which you can find at – Watch her Video Teachings on YouTube at: “TRT Church”.


During 1998 Ps. Nomsa received a vision from God which is now busy coming into fulfilment.  The First Name of the small (one-year) Bible College was called National Outreach Ministries and this was just a small part of the whole vision.  The Bible College was registered in 2002 and from the first year there was eighteen (18) Students.

Most of these people were people who didn’t have jobs; who lived in the streets and were lost souls. They started growing tremendously with the Teachings from the Bible College.  Most of them did not even knew who God was; or that there was a Holy Spirit.  They did not know what Jesus did for them on the Cross of Calvary; and they didn’t know that they were entitled to a better life in Gods Kingdom (here on the earth).  Some of them started changing their life-styles, some got jobs and started working.  Others changed their habits and stopped drinking, smoking and was delivered by grace of God. They started living like a believer in Christ and understood what it meant.  We give God praises for saving their souls.

National Outreach Ministries was a Correspondence Bible College operating from date of registration 11 January 2003.  However, during 2005 God spoke to Ps. Nomsa and the name of the Bible College was changed to “Stone of Light Bible College” – the same as the new Church which was started during May 2005 in Meyerton.  As time went by Ps. Nomsa declared that the Name of the Church will be changed again for the final time (3 times as per earlier prophecy), and the Name of the Church was changed to TRT International Church and TRT Kingdom Bible College respectively during 2018.

The goal of the TRT Kingdom Bible College is:

  • We must preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to lost souls, whether family, fiend or strangers.
  • We must invite people to join the Kingdom Bible College.
  • We must proof (show) the working of the Holy Spirit to everyone.
  • We must sow Love, to save souls for God’s Kingdom and help them to grow spiritually to understand more.
  • We must look after new converts and help them to walk into their destiny; showing them God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
  • We must encourage each other the walk and live in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • We must encourage each other continually; and keep praying for each other always.
  • We must look for the good in others; and encourage each other to endure and persevere in the walk with Christ.
  • We must live a Holy Life and encourage others to do the same.

VISION:                                                       PSALM 138:8

We put on the shoes of preparation to preach the Kingdom Gospel of Jesus Christ through TRT Kingdom Bible College and TRT International (Church).  We strive towards the working of the Holy Spirit and want to live and walk as Jesus did on Earth -John 14:12. Our faith is in God the Creator, His Son Jesus Christ and our constant Companion, the Holy Spirit of God (Col 2:9-10); with which we cover ourselves as per God’s Word (Eph 6:11-18)



During your 1st Year Study different reminders, dates of Seminars or Classes, dates of Exams and other information regarding Tasks, etc. will be sent to Students on a regular Basis.  For any queries or misunderstandings, contact us by Phone 071 178 7799.


Through your first year there will be a Bonus week-end (comprising of Friday evening and Saturday Full-day) which is compulsory for Students.  The Week-end Seminar will be held on the Church Grounds for TRT Church.  These Camps have proved to be much enjoyable during the last few years.  More about this Bonus Week-end Seminar as the time approaches.


Certain Books will be mentioned to you during the Year study and we advise you to read them, though they are not enforced.  It will be your choice though it will definitely help you tremendously with your studies.


In case of Students who want to cancel their membership, a two month written (Text) email must be send to our E-mail address.  Students still must pay for these two cancellation months.  In cases where Students have paid for the whole year beforehand and wish to cancel their membership sometime during the year, they will forfeit the moneys paid up-front.


For the first year, Students must do the full twelve month studies; the Tasks and be available for Classes once a month to qualify for the Certificate.


The Kingdom Bible College Fee’s are only R250-00 per month which must be paid into the Church Account before commencing with your Studies, preferably between the 1st and the 3rd of each month.  We regret that no Cash payments will be accepted at TRT Kingdom Bible College.

Should a Student decide to pay the Full amount for the year (R250-00×12 = R3000-) a discount of R200-00 is given which then amount to R2800- for the whole year.


If you can influence one person per month to enroll as a Student of TRT Kingdom Bible College; for a period of 5 consecutive months a discount of R400-00 will be deducted from your yearly payment; and will be refunded to you at the end of the year.


At the back of every Chapter is a List of possible questions which could be asked in the Exams for that Chapter.  If Students master these questions, they should not have a problem with the Examinations.


Before writing your Exams, an Examination Fee of R50-00 is payable, which can be paid before hand or on the day when you are writing Exams.


From time to time there might be Homework from the Teachers which must be completed, for extra points.


Invoices will be sent by E-mail at the end of every month for payment of the next month.  No receipts are sent out as you will notice the balance and payments which we received on the previous Invoices.  Should you have any queries with regards to Invoices please contact our Offices on 071 178 7799.


To qualify for your Certificate, you must have a personal Interview with the Dean of the Bible College before writing your Year-End Examinations.  The goal of this interview is to make sure you understand the working of the Holy Spirit.  We want to hear your opinions regarding certain aspects of your Christian faith.


A once off Registration Fee of R350-00 is payable for Registration to receive your Student Card; and Student Number.


The year consist of twelve months, of which every Semester is Three months.  There are thus Four Semesters in a year.


To receive your Student card, we need two Identification Photo’s from you.  Please be kind enough to let us have these as soon as possible.  Currently we are working with certain Shops to give our Students a 5% discount on certain items.


Students have a choice as to how they want to do Tasks.  Herewith the two options:

  • Students can do one BigTask per Semester, which will account for 100% per Semester; Totaling 300% for points at Year-end.
  • Students can do one Shorter Task per month, which amount to Three Tasks in every Semester, for 33% each; totaling 100% per Semester, also amounting to 300% for points at Year-end


  1. Students must always keep their Student Card with Number with them when writing Exams; coming for Classes or doing Tasks and Seminars.
  2. Exams are not compulsory, but Certificates will not be handed out to Students who did not write the Exams.
  3. Please note that the Kingdom Bible College may change monthly Fees at any time during the year; but should it happen, it will only be once during a twelve-month period.
  4. An Exam is written at the end of every Semester.
  5. Tasks must be completed and handed in before Exams of that Semester.
  6. Extra points are given during the Year for Personal Hygiene; Dress-code; Hard Work; Progress; and Alertness during Classes.
  7. At the end of the Year Certificates or Diplomas will be handed out at a Formal Dinner at the Year End Function usually two weeks after closing of the Bible College for the Year.
  8. Costs with regards to the Year End Function will be explained to Students closer to the time.


Topics which will be discussed during the Three-year Study Period:

During the First Year we concentrate on the Word of God.  Not only Bible Books but also other informative Teachings regarding God’s Word.

We will be studying the Four Gospels of Jesus Christ, which teach us how He lived in Kingdom Rulership; with Healing Miracles, Deliverance, & signs and wonders following Him.   We also look at the Cloud of Witnesses (Hebr); we delve into the codes of the Bible; and look with new eyes at the rapture.  The New Testament will be explained in a way you have never heard it before; and we walk with Jesus on the road to Golgotha. We drown ourselves in the power which come from the Name of Jesus. We learn about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and learn everything there is to know about Divine Healing and Prophecy, among other Topics like Prayers and Intercession; and look at Angels and Demonic Activities and Groups…  and so much more!

The second year’s study start with Kingdom Authority and what Kingdom Life is all about.  How you can live a victorious life every day and always be in line with God’s Word.  You will find out why certain Books are in the Bible and what they can teach you.  The Old Testament was first written in Hebrews and the New Testament in Greek; and from here we see what happened to Christianity from Bible Times.  We stand still with God’s Generals from the time of Jesus and learn much about His stories; the proverbs and psalms of the bible.

During the third year Bible Study we look at many other Topics as well as other Bible Books teaching you how to live in Freedom in Christ.  We also learn about the people who wrote these Books, when they were written, and why they wrote them, and to whom they were sent. We stand still with Patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, and even Pal in the New Testament, etc… Prophets of the Bible like Isaiah and Jeremiah…. And a whole section on the Kings of the old Bible Times and other Bible Books which teaches us much about the land Jesus Chose as His Nation. Among all of this you will be taught to fight in the Spiritual Dimension; how to overcome the Enemy; and how to make sure the devil does not touch your family (ever!) … Total Freedom in God’s Kingdom!

“Therefore, get yourself ready to start this Kingdom Bible College with a desire to learn, to read the bible more frequently and to pray more. Allow God to renew your strength; to enlighten the eyes of your understanding and enjoy the prompting of the Holy Spirit as you are being taught day by day. May you find peace knowing that your search for the Kingdom of God shall bring all the  desires of your heart as God promises; and may you experience the Love of Christ; the great gift of Salvation; redemption from sins; Healing in every dimension of your humanity, and delve into the true Word of God like never before. May the peace of the Holy Spirit become your constant companion now and forever. Shalom.

Prophetic Teacher Nomsa