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OTHER BOOKS 2 – “The Bread of Life” – PUBLISHED !!

         The Bread of Life BOOK – Introduction 

                                        by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa

Published – ISBN 978-1-928277-40-8

“You can try to feed anybody a little something (physical or spiritual); but if they are not hungry, you feed in vain” – Mama Nomsa (2001)

There are just some things in life that are too much for me to accept… Humanity’s cruelty against one another! Physical abuse, mental breakdowns and mankind hurting each other; or people’s carelessness to help another when they have abundance to give; selfish people giving a cold shoulder; or the rejection to help the hungry crying for food!

I don’t like seeing people get hurt, beaten, killed or abused.  And dislike seeing poverty which is why I desperately try to ignore going to third-world countries.  It is just too much to see others ignoring someone because they look out of place in society.  But even worse, I really don’t like looking at people dying; especially pictures of little babies with big stomachs and no flesh, but just bones – the kind you see from Ethiopia.  Once I saw a picture of a baby curled up busy dying slowly from hunger and a few meters away, the vultures waited patiently…. It made my stomach turn and I could not eat for two days.

When I look at the sick there is a desire to heal them as per God’s promise; and to give them what I have –very good health!  To show them that life is more than pain and suffering.  My heart yearns to give them comfort and encouragement; and to make them laugh, even for a last time.  Realizing that I have more than other people; I always try to give something extra in comparison with what they’ve had in life so-far; to show that life can change for the better.

I also don’t have enough patience to deal with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dreadful diseases; and really don’t like working with drug-addicted people, prostitutes; or cancer- or aids-patients, yet, in the midst of my “not liking” a deeper influence rises up from deep within me, creating an immense “caring” for these people.  Making me realize I might be the last hope they ever have of living another day or two.  It is a caring so deep, unpredictable, and unconditional.  A caring so profound, true and honest –a caring that can only come from a deep rooted source within me, alas… not my own.  But His to give, His to use.  Me to make a choice -to accept the responsibility or to walk away.  True love… giving of self…

I believe that not even rejection or loss of a loved one can be so painful as when hunger strikes; or the thirst for some liquid on the bed of your tongue.  I’m certain nothing can be worse than the feeling hunger brings; first in your flesh, then entering within your psyche, and lastly filling up your whole understanding with just four little words “this is the end!”  Knowing there is nothing to fill your stomach… no nourishment is coming!  The spirit of starvation is friends with the spirit of death resulting in deterioration; degeneration and finally, the end… falling off from bones… leaving nothing but bodily fluids (“death-soup”). And with time, even that disappears into the ground.

Imagine being trapped in a deep-sea cave somewhere forgotten by those who were rescued and think you have perished; or being left in the rubble of an earthquake for days unable to call for help; or worse… lost at sea with just sky above and no water to quench your thirst; and no food to fill your stomach except maybe the body of your dearest friend lying next to you, the one who gave up the ghost… How far would you go to quench the hunger?  What about slaves working themselves to the bone with just a slice of dry bread or sometimes nothing; or a person suffering to be set free from the debris of a demolished building.  Envision the cry of a baby for food when the mother is lying next to him in pools of blood and no response… what can be worse than the cry for food when the mind wants to live but the body weakens and slowly fade away?

In my life I have seen and experienced hunger personally, and it is not something I wish upon any human being, nor even your worst enemy.  Though it seems the world out there had forgotten about others that are struggling to keep ends meet when they go to bed hungry at night.  Dear God, what happened to this beautiful world you created? What happened to humanity?  Is it right to go to bed at night with a full stomach from meats, baked potatoes, pumpkin, salads, a big cup of Milo; and a chocolate bar next to you for the “munchies” in the middle of the night ?… when you know that not far from you –there they are!  The “out-casts” of humanity sleeping in the streets during the winter cold.  Here we are -covering ourselves with  feather-duvets while they are trying to shelter themselves with a big box against the onslaught of the north-wind and scratching through your garbage of yesterday to find a bone with a little meat, or some bread that have already turned green…

Will it really waste that much of your time to turn around and go back to the shop to buy another bread?  Can this world not be a better place if every house leave one fresh bread or one tin of food outside once a week for hungry people –will it not help to stop others stealing food?  Will you really lose out on something of value if you miss the first five minutes of the “game of the year” when you see to the need of another before sitting down to watch your favorite sports.  Will not Heaven smile upon you if you forget about yourself for one minute and bless a hungry soul?

How is it that the world can turn their back on the sufferings of others around them when clearly they have an abundance to give?  Is it really a case of “I worked hard for it so get your own”; or is it an adamant thought of “I’m not responsible that you are in that position”; or is it a simple understanding in your mind that “I don’t owe anybody anything”.  Which, by the way, is opposing to God’s Word since you do owe strangers something –read Rom 13:8.  As a child of God, you are obliged to introduce Jesus to them!

When, Oh When? Will we start to give without asking back, dear God… where is the compassion and love that should draw us together as humans?  Is there really no love left inside of us when we walk past hobo’s (beggars) ignoring their faint cry for something to eat?  How can God’s Kingdom come to earth as it is in Heaven (Mat 6:10) when the occupants of earth have no compassion for each other?

Many years ago we were going on holiday by the sea when we stopped with our Caravan next to the road and sat down to have a picnic basket filled with lovely cookies; hot coffee; some boiled eggs; cold meats; and fresh bread.  It was in those days when people still spend time together as family at cement tables and chairs under trees before continuing their drive to their destination.  As my mother was giving us some fresh bread with cold chicken, I noticed from the corner of my eyes something moving and when I turned to look, I saw three little homeless African boys standing by the fence-wire looking at us with big eyes.  Noticeable poverty had struck their young lives due to their muddy-torn clothing.   Then I looked up into their eyes… and could not swallow my tasty cold-meat sandwich.  There it was… first-class Hunger!

The little one cried and the elder one tried to make him quiet, but their famine-struck eyes followed the chairs to the table, and into the basket where they saw delicacies they have probably never seen in their life.  Somewhere far away in the background my aunt was saying:  “Just ignore them… turn around and eat so we can go”.  It was in that moment, at a very young age that I had to make a free-will choice.  A choice that would shape the future of my life drastically and into the will and purpose for my life.  I looked at my parents and put my bread down.  Then I said:  “If there is not enough for them too, then I will give them mine because I cannot eat while they look at me with those hungry eyes”.  That was the “bomb” that shocked satan and chased him away from my life because in that very moment a deep cry sounded from my innermost being and the influence of the Holy Spirit filled my complete spirit rising up from within me; creating a new person and shaping me for a better tomorrow for one purpose only and that was to “Feed my people” (Joh 21:16-17) “Feed my sheep”.

At the end my parents agreed upon giving them some food since I refused to eat; and therefore we made sandwiches and I took it to them at the fence.  I gave them a big smile as moa was so proud… then the smile turned my stomach upside down as I watched the tears flowing down the faces of the children as they ate the bread and cold-meat with big gulps as if they were scared it was going to fly away. This was not something to be proud of… this was something to be ashamed of.  The fact that the world has turned a cold shoulder to the hungry souls in the streets and bushes…!

How could I ever forget that picture?  It was etched in my memory throughout my life.  Those were tears of gratitude for a piece of bread that allowed them to sleep without hunger for one night.  It was only years later I came to realize the event which occurred that day, was already the beginning of God’s handy-work in my life as He was looking for someone to feed His children -physically and spiritually speaking.  As young as I was that day, I realized it was possible of doing something to change the world.  My mind told me I had the capabilities to sow a message of hope and peace, to help the needy and to pray for those that are lost.  I recognized that God had a plan with my life before I was even born (Psa 139:15) and that I was definitely here for a good reason; and what’s more, I loved the way it made me feel to know that He can use me to help the hungry people of the world.  That feeling stayed with me until I left school and started working.

Hence, many years ago when I started the “Bush-church” for Jesus Christ in Boksburg (by grace), I met many different kinds of people in the bushes.  There were seven year old prostitutes which sold their bodies for R10-00 just to buy a bread for the day.  I could not bear to see them disappearing into the bushes with a man following knowing they have to give themselves just so that they could eat that day.  For me this was just so wrong! There were older ladies which were caught up in demonic bondage of alcoholism; there were the dagga-smokers; and those addicted to all kinds of medicines, including “cough syrup”, “grandpas”, and other types of supplements which could give them a “kick-start” for the day.  I was saddened to realize that God’s original purpose for man which was to live Kingdom life in His image and likeness didn’t materialize; and it seemed that the world didn’t even understand or realize what Kingdom Life was about.

There were others who slept under carton boxes at night trying to hide from the onslaught of heavy rain and hail every so often.  Some just couldn’t care anymore and slept under trees not concerned for the little protection it gave.  As I moved between these “lost” souls, my heart became alive for the first time in my life.  I saw the hurt in a strangers eyes when he came stumbling into the Sunday morning service as I was preaching.  I felt the need to hold a ladies hand while she was busy dying of aids.  There was a deep en-grained force within me (Holy Spirit) to take the young baby “Mpho” in my arms who was busy dying from hunger –the father died, and the mother was a full-blown drug-user and therefore this baby knew nothing except sour-milk.  As I held her, my heart exploded with anger for the fact that people in the world can be so unsympathetic to turn a cold shoulder against children like these; and so I took her home and started proceedings to adopt her.  How can I forget the light that sprung up in her eyes when she drove in a car for the very first time?  She didn’t know what the inside of a car looked like and we just could not hold her down.  In that moment of excitement she forgot her hunger and was thrilled beyond anything I have ever experienced.  At the age of just sixteen months Mpho had never tasted anything other than sour milk and had been wearing the same sweater for the last three weeks.  She never had a bath in her life and didn’t know what meat, vegetables or sweets tasted like.

Now thinking back, I remember “Maya” the little girl (18) who didn’t know who the father’s were of the three children she had.  She told me: “Ek gedink daarie wit man is Jopie hom se pa(She thought one of her children was a son of a white-man staying in the bushes).  Another lady sat in the “church-service” and almost every Sunday she would start vomiting while I was talking about Jesus… How is that for a physical manifestation of a demon running away? There are so many stories I could tell…

I often think the reason why God took me to the bushes was to teach me the different kinds of bondage that people got caught up in; since I understand the spiritual world of Jesus so well, by grace.  Today I know different –it was not just to show me the hurt of people or to teach me something for where I was going in the future; but He taught me the greatest lesson of all times: that we should “love” even those whom we detest.  Those whom we look down on are usually the ones who can do great things in life if only we would help, encourage, and give them one chance to get up from where they are. It takes but one person to believe in someone…

The bush-church reminded me of the greatest teaching from the Word of God, which is Kingdom, and while comforting those lost souls I realized it was time for someone to start sharing Kingdom Life. Not just teach, but also start manifesting His power and His presence.  It was during one of the services there I saw a drunk being wiped clean from his sins as he looked at us, and I saw the change in his eyes… I realized in that very moment he did not see me, but he saw Jesus.  His life was saved, his soul was cleansed and his spirit made whole while he sat down crying for almost two hours.  I left him alone with Jesus to complete in him what He had started.  That man today is a well-known preacher in Gauteng.

The Bush-church called “Blue-Sky’s” by grace of God, started almost by “accident” as I was going to hospital to pray for someone.  The area was unknown to me and therefore we stopped for directions since those years there was no GPS’.  As we entered into an old farm I noticed there were a lot of individuals sitting around everywhere doing nothing.  After inquiring directions to the hospital I asked the lady what the people were doing there and she said the old farm-house was like a “haven” for people who don’t have place to stay.  She then took me into the house and showed me something that I would never forget in my life.

There was a room with one double-bed in which a man, his wife and three children slept.  Boxes were packed up to the ceiling, there were hardly enough space to move.  Another room which was a little bigger just had blankets on the floor.  Nine people; men and women; black, colored and white were all staying and sleeping together.  The more I moved through the house the more my heart started shouting inside of me that it was so wrong that people should have to live like this when there are other humans living alone in mansions of twelve rooms alone!

Some were sleeping around the house under the trees; others had little “shacks” just a few meters from the front door of the house.  Freddie slept with his three big dogs in their “kennel” which was rusted zinc and carton boxes he put together so that his dogs would not get wet in the rain.  He ate with his dogs since he could only afford to buy food for them, as meat was too expensive for himself.  This is love in the deepest degree… He cherished his dogs so much, because they gave him more love than people ever did…

God’s spirit started speaking to me as I moved from room to room, and as I looked upon  the smokers, drinkers and fornicators lying everywhere, totally unaware of what was going on around them, I just cried out in my soul “My God…. have mercy”.  Then the spirit convicted me with just one question in my heart.  “Why don’t you help them?” And then I saw a vision of Jesus feeding His people.  Later that day God confirmed His calling inside me to help the people in the bushes, by reminding me of the miracle where He told His disciples to give the 5000 people something to eat, and Jesus said to them: “You feed them” (John 6/Mark 8).  His disciples knew that they couldn’t do anything, but only through Him that the hungry people would be able to eat.

It is never by might, nor by power, but only through the spirit of God that we are able to help or feed others.  So therefore, after coming back from the hospital once again I entered into the “lion’s den” where many spirits were roaming freely and I asked the lady if we could come to bring food and give Word to the people every Sunday morning. Thus started the “Bush-church” with as many as 65-85 people coming and going every Sunday, receiving a pot of soup and bread, and also hearing the precious Word of God.

It is not easy to teach worldly people (unbelievers) to listen to God’s Word if they have no knowledge; but through God’s Spirit I was directed to start playing music every Sunday morning.  The music was worldly music… that is how you attract people of the world.  You give them something that they enjoy and know; something that are familiar to them.  We started playing songs like “Mama Thembu’s getting married” with speakers that sounded fifty meters away! Most of the bush people, even in their state of drunkenness came forward to come and enjoy the music.  And then every week I would play two-three gospel songs in between which they enjoyed so much, they even danced on them.  This kept on for weeks until we only played gospel music and no worldly music anymore, but they did not even notice –they just enjoyed themselves. Eventually they started knowing the songs and would sing with, not even realizing what they were singing.  As time went by they would ask what the songs meant, and we had chance to explain the gospel to them.

In the bushes the church grew into many numbers coming together every Sunday for soup and bread, and then sitting down to listen to messages about Jesus.  Most of them came for the food of course, but that did not bother me since God provided to give these people enough to eat every Sunday. The bush-church started in the morning from 09:00am and sometimes we finished only at 16:00 in the afternoon –even then some of them did not want to leave until we were gone.  I started teaching them small lessons like loving each other, caring for others, and then demonstrated our love by giving them food, clothing, blankets, shoes, music and the gospel of Jesus.  They started becoming aware of who they were, and realized there are people in the world that really do care for others.  Many got a sense of the fact that there was a better life out there – Kingdom Life!  Some of them started getting “dressed” for church in their only pair of jeans they had.  There was one lady who spent her entire day’s earnings buying a hat because she believed you have to wear one to church -that was the way her mother brought her up from young age.

Several use to come without shoes in the beginning.  Every Sunday I would go and preach with shoes on my feet and go home without shoes, so they started calling me “the barefoot preacher”.  Thinking back today I realized they obviously felt comfortable with me sitting on the grass in the warm sun or in the rain while talking to them about Jesus since most of them neither had shoes.  My pulpit was an old “Castrol oil-drum” which two ladies washed with soap, turned upside down; and I threw a cloth over it, to put my Bible down.

Once they started receiving their own Bibles, they realized there was more in life than what they had till then.  On Sunday mornings when I drove in there, everyone ran to the car and assisted to get the equipment out of the boot.  There was the heavy amplifier, the two big speakers, stands, and microphones, everything we required to give a good service. and also the food we brought.  Sometimes we would show them a DVD and taught them something from it.  The little ones called me “mamma Nomsa” because the name which God gave me to preach with was familiar to their culture. The name means “someone who is always smiling”; and in Sotho: “someone who is humble and merciful” and Zulu: “Kindness is found”.  Even when I went through hardships in life; my heart still kept smiling knowing God was in control and this proved that He gave me the right Name.  The Xhosa people of Southern Africa believe that if you want to lead your people; you must be compassionate as Jesus was with His Disciples; and to be part of the human race, you must have kind-heartedness and love for strangers. Nomsa in Xhosa means “Mother of Compassion”.

Today looking back, I recall their smiles when we arrived there and it was as if someone had given them a great gift in life –it was the Holy Spirit that ministered to them.  Through just a meaning in a name, Jesus had touched the hearts of some lost souls and gave them a smile in life. I recall Psa 104:3 “Who lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters…” The word “beams” also mean: rays, streams of light, grins, smiles, big smiles, wide smiles.  In other words, God’s “smile” is laid in His upper chambers (Heaven).  These people received Kingdom Life as they started smiling –a new life manifested (Gal 2:20) through bringing them into the very atmosphere of God’s Throne-room. How amazing is this God we serve, making people whole through His Word?

Just a grin or even a hug towards them was enough to get them standing up and try to eat something, even if they had already decided to rather give up in life and die.  One very addicted man (Eddie) got delivered from a drinking spirit and started looking for a job, eventually found a flat and could pay for it, and started buying food and clothing for himself, earning a salary every month and started living!  But he kept on coming back to the bush-church where he met Jesus the first time. He found “the truth, the way and the Life” –John 14:6.

I can remember the little sick children clinging to my feet with their dirty hands and some days they would even vomit upon my clothes or over my bare feet.  There were the ones that went behind a bush to do their “business” since there were no toilets or paper there, and then they would come back with streams of urine or “number two” running down their legs. Many times I gave the home-owner R100- and then opened the water-hose, washing them to get rid of the smells and assisted them getting dressed in dry clothing.

Someone sponsored us with blankets and we could give everyone some.  How can I forget the appreciation in their eyes as tears rolled down their faces as they mumbled “thank you” in their native tongue.  The bush-church taught me a lot of humility and no matter where I go in life I would never forget the people that was there; the hunger in their eyes for the next story about this Jesus that could help them get a better life. There was a hunger deeper than the hunger for physical food.  It was a spiritual hunger to learn more about Kingdom Life that can be lived here on earth in the present time.

One day when I arrived a few of them had taken their only protection against nature’s onslaught; some dirty old rags, plastic and newspapers which they gave to me with pieces of poles they cut from wood and said they wanted to “build” a church so that we don’t have to sit in the raging wind or hot sun the whole day.  In their minds a church building would consist of wooden branches, plastic papers, and old blankets on the floor. This was the “Bush-church”.  Needless to say that I had to walk away for a few minutes where no-one could see me cry to God for the love I received from these individuals in the bushes.  How much affection did they display for the Man they now knew as Jesus? How much care did they show to the servant of Jesus to help her build a “church”? The abundance of zeal these people had!  They were prepared to give of the little they had, to build a small “carport-like” protection for us to have “church” in the bushes?

So why am I sharing these old memories with you today?  Because there is a lesson with everything in life.  And the greatest lesson I have learnt at the bushes was: it is not the money of the world who makes you who you are, instead it is what is inside your heart.  Looking at people I knew in those years I realized: you may have all the money in the world but could still be lonely.  You may have the most expensive car and might not have the knowledge how to drive it.  You might have a big fancy church with marble floors and golden handles on doors and windows but if there is no love for the people in your church… your preaching will be unproductive!  You might give food for people when they are hungry but could do it as a robot –it is not in the giving but in the way it is done.  If there is no “love” in that which you are doing, you labour in vain.  God’s love for His people was shown in the way Jesus treated people.  The moral of this story is this – without love, we are nothing… and if you try to feed someone without love, you might as well leave them to starve!

Many years later, now at the beginning of our Ministry having built the foundation for this third church in the last ten years I find myself recalling that incident and smiling to Jesus – “Here I am, use me Lord!”  I am ready to feed them.  During these ten years I have studied the Word of God; prayed hours-upon-hours and even fasted months on end (in between pauses); started three “churches”; ran a Kingdom Bible College; helped at Soup-kitchens; prayed at Hospitals; taught individuals how to be Leaders; evangelized to lost souls living next to rivers; had weekly prayer meetings and church services; handed out food parcels; delivered clothing; have outreaches at squatter camps; and then we spread our wings to go abroad preaching in Hamburg, Germany; Westerland, and other places, and throughout South Africa.  And now finally, we have just gone on Radio in South Africa to do a program called “Kingdom Authority” for the last two years.  And thus I am here – feeding His children with the Word, making sure that the saints and sinners of the World are spiritually fed.  And at the bottom of my heart, a small “tuck” – a calling from deep within… “What about those that are dying from hunger?  Don’t forget those that cannot help themselves; the ones that are bound by hospital beds or physical defects that cannot allow them to eat food by themselves. The ones who are still crying in the midst of the night when the moon shines over them casting shadows of death….”

The Lord’s Kingdom Spirit is calling from within my soul – help them, feed them! Then I thought about rich people that don’t know the end of their reserves -“billionaires”. I searched for the richest people in the world: 79,2 billion, another 77,1 billion and yet another 72,7 billion strong.  I wonder if they ever think about hunger?  Maybe it is a concept rich people deliberately shut out of their minds since it is not part of their life-style.  Why should they think about it?  They have enough chefs, currency, servants… and lots to eat!  Why worry about hungry souls crying in the stillness of the night with every last dying breath?

His mind reminds me: at the end of every person’s life there is only one of two places they can go and their riches cannot accompany them.  Is it not ridiculous to keep millions in the Bank for “someday” if you are not going to be here to enjoy it?  How easy can it be for someone to give of that riches to others who are in need of food, clothing or even shelter?  What use are all those millions if the owner is no longer here to spend it?  How many lost souls could have been provided for during a life-time of living if only there was no such thing as greed and lust for money and possessions? Oh God, I yearn for a world where money is not an issue; where greed and love for cash plays no part in having to prove your worth!  A world where riches were shared with strangers so that they too can feel better and have a good plate of food every night – is this not your Kingdom teaching?  My God, is there even a chance for Kingdom life on earth when things like hatred, racism, genocide spirits and greed and gluttony rule peoples’ hearts?

I recall a time in my life when my family didn’t know I was pregnant.  I made a mistake; one of which I am grateful for today because I have a wonderful son and he is a blessing.  I had a relationship with a man but little did I know that he was married and “separated” from his wife!  There was no ring so it was hard to tell.  It is a long story but to make it short; I lost everything and ended up being alone, scared and hungry while being pregnant.  I was too proud to go to family and ended up sleeping in the backroom of a house that belonged to a friend.  He and his girlfriend stayed in one room and he rented the other room out.  And then there was the third room which was his “science-lab” as he called it.  He was a maker of perfumes and shampoo’s and so the whole place were full of bottles, boxes, soaps, bottles of perfume, caps, labels and cleaning stuff, etc. There was hardly any space to move and so he shuffled me in-between the boxes and threw a mattress on the ground for me.  I had to leave the back-door open at night for his big dog to jump over me to go and do his “business” outside while I was six months pregnant.  As it was in the middle of the winter it was freezing cold but I could not shut the door because of the dog.  It was during those nights of loneliness, rejection and hurt, coldness and having a deep yearning to belong that I discovered not just the physical hunger I encountered every day, but also a spiritual hunger… Then I thought – how many others were in the same situation…? And I cried out to someone I knew existed but had no relationship with.

So yes, there is a place like Heaven on earth – I experienced this when God sent a German lady to take me away from where I slept on the floor.  She looked after me as if I was her own.  She fed me, clothed me, and even pour my bath for me every day.  She called her family/friends and they collected nappies and clothing for my unborn baby including a pram, baby-bath cupboard and lots of toys.  So is there a chance of getting out of such a situation?  Yes! I am living proof that Kingdom life on earth do exist without money in your pocket.  God can provide and He will, when you cry out to Him! (Psa 34)  I had no money, yet He provided for everything my child needed for the first year! This is Kingdom Life!

It is very painful to go through starvation in the flesh and many people in this world even today, live in these conditions.  But for me even worse, the spiritual hunger and yearning for someone you know is real but doesn’t know intimately… Thank the Lord that He has promised us if we hunger and thirst, He will provide what we need.  We can go to the Father when we are experiencing a famine of spiritual food – see Mat 5:6.

The spiritual hunger is a thirst for understanding a God that cannot be seen (Col 1:15) but only exist because you believe.  This is a total different kind of hunger than a physical one.  It is something that only exist in your mind… a thirst for understanding a Divinity with whom you can have an intimate relationship with.  A spiritual connection build on faith in believing that He is, He was and He will forever be…  A trust that your whole life can be shaped around the Divine Godhead Who promises to give you everything you want and desire if you serve Him.  It is a hunger that I have not been able to reduce in all the years I have believed.  It gets stronger and grows immensely filling up my innermost being to such and extend that I wish to have nothing else in life.  I hunger for His touch every moment of every day.  There is a strong desire to read His Words until my eyes hurt from concentration.  I thirst to hear His voice in my ear every day; and His presence around me always.  This is a hunger and thirst that cannot be satisfied by anything except the fulfillment of knowing that He is part of my life, and that I belong to Him – knowing I have come home to Christ!

My deepest cry today: Help me my God, to feed the poor in spirit and in flesh!  My God!  Send them to help us feed the world.  Touch their minds and spirit and shower them with love and compassion so that they can become part of this great thing You are doing in the Vaal Triangle, SA.  Lord, send the people we need to help others receive Kingdom Life.  My spiritual heart yearns for the needy and the poor out there.  I want to satiate their hunger and thirst in spirit and in flesh… Lord, send a famine in the Land, a spiritual hunger… Amos 8:11 “Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but [a famine] for hearing the words of the Lord”.

All God’s creatures! Hear the cry of a Pastor’s Heart I pray in Jesus Name.  If only people can have so much love and zeal for Jesus as I saw in the bushes. Today I ask God the question … how many of our people have the same love and craving for Jesus to “want to” be part of something where the spirit of God can move and heal people.  There is that great undivided love for Jesus which I saw in the bush-people that I do not see in some people today.  When I look back and remember the “bushes” I can never forget how those poor people gave almost everything they had just to put up a half-broken, dirty smelling, “all that they had” type of protection which they could call “church” just so that we could come together every Sunday to bring them food and Word about “their Jesus”.

I realized then already, it is not the building equipment that is building the church – it is the people…  It is not the money, cement, bricks, the roof, windows, carpets, chairs, computers and all the other things we need to build this church that must be the center of our prayers.  It is rather that one thing which I saw in the eyes of the “bush-people”… that absolute love and devotion to help with what they could.  The unconditional affection towards their preacher that taught them about Jesus; and the compassion for each other in the bushes knowing that everyone there had “issues” but no-one judged no-one!  The complete knowledge that they were a family and were part of something great. If we teach people to partake of the sweet communion, they will never hunger or thirst ever again. The bread and wine reminded me of Jacob and Esau and the revelation of the Birth-right blessings in Kingdom which I received as we were giving the bush-people soup.  They started living Kingdom life; totally submitted under the Holy Spirit of God and in freedom through Christ.  Putting all together it comes down to one word – love (care, compassion, devotion, smiling, hugging, accommodating and helping)… everything that Jesus consists of!  The key to living in His Kingdom!

The cry in my heart is that every person reading this will realize that God is restoring His Kingdom and we are part of that process. God’s Church TRT is a place of Restoration that will change many lives in the future from all over the world.  His Fellowship house will spiritually be built by love for one another, and not by bricks.  The physical materializes as the spiritual is getting into place –and only “we” together can make it happen.  As I close this true story today, may it in the future inspire people that are going to be great leaders for Christ; and may they never forget the greatest thing in life starts with a smile and showing affection…. the way to love. You might ask what this all has to do with Communion? Everything! Because if people can be taught that there is a better life when they trust in the One who is the spiritual Bread of Life, then the world can change!  If you can share His amazing love and passion of the Cross so that they realize the truth; and they start living a better life once they partake of the communion, then you can win this world for Jesus!

Have mercy I pray, my God; upon the greedy and rich; humble the haughty and prideful; heal the afflicted; bless the poor in spirit; deliver the oppressed; give sight to the blind and let the deaf hear; spread Your Word; and let the lame walk; encourage the depressed; teach all about Your Kingdom; and summon the spirit of life into the walking dead on the earth.  Oh my God, reveal Your Son, the spiritual Bread of Life to the Nations of the world… Lord, I stand upon Your promise: Psa 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession.

My God, let the Bread of Life come forth and be seen through the manifestation of the true Sons of God (Rom 8:19).  Reveal Yourself through us, I Pray in Jesus Name.

Humble Son of God Almighty, Nomsa


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