At TRT we have HEALING & MIRACLE services from time to time (sometimes on Sundays, and other times on week-days in the evenings) which is especially for people who need prayer for sicknesses in their physical bodies; or for those who have mental challenges in their minds; or even some people who are heart-broken through the loss of a loved one or other pain in their heart (spirit).  These Healing services is there to lift you up spiritually and to teach you about Healing according to God’s Word. 

At these Healing and Miracle services you will receive a powerful Message or Teaching from either Prophetic Teacher Nomsa or any one of our other Teachers at TRT.   The goal for these Services is to lift you up in your spirit (heart), your mind (brain) and your body (flesh) so you can receive wholeness in every area of your life.  Afterwards Ps. Nomsa usually pray for every single person that visit us at these Miracle and Healing Services.  Through the Holy Spirit you might receive a Prophecy, or a Word of Knowledge or guidance for your future. 

From time to time we will post short Healing videos and pictures with regards to the Miracles and Healing that is taking place through prayer at TRT – so keep checking in.  Please join us at our next Healing & Miracle Service – see our Calendar for dates.  We hope to meet you soon by faith in Jesus Christ. Shalom.