DREAM-BOOK SERIES by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa

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From Ps. Nomsa (Author of the Dream-Book Series).

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Volume one in this amazing Dream-Book series by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa is the Introduction which explains what Dreams and Visions are about; and how God speaks to you through them.  People sometimes think their dreams are nonsense and forget it the moment the wake up, they throw it out as “trash” from their mind, not knowing that their dream was a Message from God Himself to guide them in their life. Many different topics is addressed in this Volume, for instance how God warns you in dreams; how the Holy Spirit can direct your path in life; how dreams and visions can be an answer to your prayers; how you can be guided by a dream or vision; as well as many other more important issues related to visions and dreams. Try not to skip this Volume as it is vital that you understand the importance of dreams and visions, as it is a revelation from God about the spiritual world and about Himself.

The Volume regarding Animals to help you interpret dreams and visions are most probably one of the most exciting Volumes in this Dream-Book series; as it not only talks about characteristics of animals that can relate to people’s character’s (from their dreams); but on occasion other information is mentioned, such as: Why animals are important for nature?, where they reside?, strange fables and legends regarding specific animals?, and a personal opinion or believe from the Author regarding the animal. If you really want to understand what God is saying to you when you dream of a monkey sitting on your brother’s back; or a dog riding a bicycle down the street; or a crocodile eating ice-cream in your swimming-pool…. Then this is the Volume you should invest in.

This Volume is a new addition in this Dream-Book Series as it shows how Names of places are very important for understanding your Dreams and Visions.  Please make sure to read the introduction at the beginning of the Volume as it shows you how to use these names to get interpretation of your dreams and visions.  Places from the Bible and in our World we live in today, has a specific meaning in the Dream-world, and it relates to what is happening in your life (currently) for instance: ie.  You might dream of a place like “Bangladesh”, and in the dream you know it is Bangladesh...  You might see yourself walking there in the streets, talking to locals, and buying fruits from the market.  But in real life you have never been there.  What would God be telling you…?  This Volume will help you understand such dreams.  Apart from your dreams, these names are all mentioned in the Word of God and will make God’s Word much more understandable when reading.  I trust that you will be blessed with this Volume

This Volume regarding different kinds of flying creatures is not just about birds; but beautiful butterflies, and other flying insects that you might have dreams about.  For some it would be strange to dream about a big red butterfly sitting out-side your bedroom window, especially if the butterfly has a name printed on its wings, or a pattern, or a whole that shines in the dark.  Certain people would think nothing of this dream, but God is clearly talking to you if there is a name printed on the wings….! This could be guidance for your future.  For instance, what would you do if the letters “NY” was printed on the wing of the butterflies wings, and two days ago, you ask the Lord if you should take the Job offer in NY or in SA…. mmm, think about it.  God speaks through His creations, to us! That’s right! That’s how much He loves you, to give you guidance through his winged creatures, because you might not read His Bible, but He knows you love Butterflies…!  It is also amazing to know that people can dream about a pteronodon (dinosaur) that lived a long time ago, isn’t it?

This is also an exciting Volume due to the fact it relates mostly to the person itself regarding feelings, actions and bodily parts, which have different meanings when it comes to interpretation of dreams and visions. For instance, what does it mean if you dream that you have six toes? Or what would a dream mean if there is water gushing out of your eyes?  If your liver changes into a golden colour or your heart is cut into three pieces?  People tend to ignore these kind of dreams, but think for one moment if you dream that you are waking up and you have no legs, or three eyes on your face.  What could this possibly mean?  This Volume is one of the most interesting ones, because it touches our physical body – something that every person in the world is concerned about… their physical appearances and their health!

The Volume regarding Colors in this Dream-Book Series are typed in a different format as the other Volumes due to interpretation purposes.  The Volume starts mostly like the others but then follows with the Twelve tribes of the Bible and their colors (and the meanings thereof) according to God’s Word.  It is very important to have this explanation in the Book first, before you start reading what the different colors symbolize or represent.  After this table you will find a section of Color combinations.  Another section on the Colors is the Tabernacle which is very remarkable showing every item of the Tabernacle referring to a color and symbolic connotation to the spiritual world.  You might not think that colors are important, but they could have a message just for you with regards to your current situation.  For instance, if you see yourself and someone else throwing a red ball at each other, it would be a vision or dream telling you that another person and yourself are going to have a debate (ball throwing); and the red ball would mean that you would have a red-hot debate (almost fighting) – because of the red color which symbolizes that blood is present (fighting).  Such a kind of dream would be a warning that you must be alert and do not allow anyone to steal your peace and get into a debate with them.

Directions, shapes and symbols are also very important and play a direct role when it comes to interpretation of dreams and visions, and for this reason I felt it necessary to add this Volume into the Dream-Book Series.  Once I heard someone telling a friend in church that they had a dream of a round mud-hut; and then there was a square block-house; and also a double-storey in the form of a triangle, and the next moment he pulled out a sleeping bag, and slept outside in the open field and not in his bedroom in his house.  He was concerned about this dream because he was thinking of selling his home a week before he had the dream.  Dreams like these are easy to interpret and the shapes, sizes and symbols in dreams will give you direction on what God is saying to you.  His guidance is always very clear in these kind of dreams.

Education is a very important issue in every person’s life; and you may continue to be educated till a very old age.  For this reason, I decided to raise my opinion on the interpretation of dreams regarding different kinds of educational issues.  Who knows…? you might be told in a dream to start learning about flying Aeroplanes at the age of 83!  Smith Wigglesworth no doubt understood what God told him when he started Ministering to people at the age of 73, and he raised sixteen people from the dead!  If he could do it, so can you!  Education is something that will never stop to enlighten your life, and as such, this Volume is very important for people who has dreams of becoming a Ballerina; an Artist; a Pop-star; a Real-estate agent, etc.  I had a vision one time where I was standing in front of thousands of people in a big church, and I had a stick in my hand explaining on the board…. And there you have it.  Today I am a Teacher of God’s Word and I teach on the whiteboard explaining many things from the Bible.  So, you see, Visions and dreams are Gods Way of explaining to you where you are going, or showing you the future that He pre-destinated for you (Eph 1).

To me this Volume was one of the most exciting and interesting ones I wrote in this Dream-Book Series and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, as I hope that you would enjoy reading it.  Mermaids, Sea monsters and other scary water creatures almost become alive when realizing how many people dream about these things frequently. You should never think that a dream of any water creature is rubbish – there are real messages from God to you in these visions and dreams, because God uses His creation to speak to you – see Rom 1:20.  For instance, what would you think it means if you dreamed that a shark follows you in the sea, out onto the sea-sand, and then bows in front of you and throws up… but what comes out of his mouth are huge diamonds…! It sounds unreal, but these are dreams people have had, and there is a clear message in each dream, and the message is ONLY from God and no-one else.  See Job 33:15 on-wards. God instructs us, warns us, directs us and guide us through the dreams and visions He gives, and He uses His creations to bring the message across to us.

Fruit and Vegetables have a definitive meaning for interpretation of dreams and visions, and however strange you might find your dream of vegetables, it has a certain connotation to your current life situation.  Don’t ever despise your strange dreams. Usually those are the ones where God is answering you on your prayer that you offered up last week.  Did you have a dream of a bag of oranges?  Then your cup of joy will be running over.  Maybe you dreamed of a packet of peanuts dancing on your table or a pomegranate that is gold on the inside.  Someone had a dream of a watermelon that changed to the color of purple and the inside was pure white…!  Would you understand what the message is that God is bringing across to you? You will be so blessed by reading this Volume on fruits and vegetables in your dreams.

Furniture and household items in dreams are very prominent and cannot be mistaken for something else.  It is also very important to give attention to dreams regarding Furniture Items, like for instance a “Coffee Maker” that doesn’t give you coffee, but motor-oil….! Or a green sofa-bed that opens up and have a few lizards crawling in them…. Dreaming of a broken mirror, a wooden antique chair or an empty cupboard has definite meanings when it comes to the interpretation of your dreams and visions.  Carpets that move around, chairs that are broken and blue china from Portugal shipped in a canoe, are all strange dreams with definite meanings; which is why you should not throw it out as trash; but understand that God is speaking to you through these strange dreams

As a gardener myself, I enjoyed writing this Volume tremendously.  Upon realizing how many people dream about dry grass, or a certain kind of tree, or a pink spade, or even a plastic garden-ladder, it made me realize that Volume eighteen had to be included in this Dream Book Series.  Someone had a dream of a Daisy flower that spoke to them; and another person saw rocks in the garden forming a circle while dancing with Ants.  Although dreams like these sound to be “crazy” and most people therefore ignore them, it is crucial for you to understand that God is the “Rock of Ages” and He is definitely sending you a message if you are digging up lovely coloured rocks underneath a bedding of sun-flowers! A friend of mine had a vision of twenty bags of manure jumping into his pick-up truck while a coconut tree was giving them shade; and a frog was counting them as they jumped up….! Do you think this is a strange vision? – not at all!  If you understand what frogs signify, what bags of manure represent; and what the coconut tree stand for, you will have direction from God!

As we understand from God’s Word that we are clothed with the Weapons of warfare, (Eph 6), we know it has a spiritual meaning – it represents spiritual war-garments. We are covered with Jesus Christ Himself as our protector, in the Spiritual Dimension. In the same sense you can say that any type of garments or clothing also represents certain things in the spiritual world.  Don’t be troubled about the dream regarding gloves covered in honey, or shoes without heels.  Someone I knew phoned me upset one morning and said they had a dream of green high-heel shoes that was tied together with a black leather belt; and other “Belts” in the cupboard were laughing at the shoes…. Well, this is an interesting one! These kind of dream’s have specific interested interpretations and it would be a mistake if you dis-regard them as nonsense.  For instance, what would you say it signifies when your yellow hat with a plastic sunflower on, became alive, and the flower started talking to you while the yellow hat changed color (to be red) ….?

Being very fond of cooking myself, the different kind of symbolic meanings regarding Indian spices or herbs from all over the world was another Volume that is extremely interesting when it comes to the meanings of these items and the spiritual connotations to your dreams and visions.  There was a vision of exactly twelve cinnamon sticks standing upright on the table while a coconut burst open and flies came out surrounding the Cinnamon sticks.  Another weird dream from a member of my church told me that she saw mixed herbs being tossed by the wind, and spelling names on a silver platter. It might be strange, but it can have a very good meaning, or direction for your life! An anonymous letter was sent in for interpretation from a man who dreamed that he was putting salt on his stake, and it changed into worms the moment the salt touched the stake.  Then he decided to put the meat without salt in the pan.  And when he did this; the stake came out to be the best tasting stake he ever had, as if it was marinated, though it wasn’t. But as he ate the stake, worms appeared in the salt shaker…

With all the different kind of games people play and hobbies or leisure time items, it is no wonder this Volume is so interesting. When it comes to finding out what it means when the puzzle jumps out every time the last puzzle-piece is put in place; or the fact that a kite lifted a chicken from a heap of hay; or the scarf your brother knitted with copper threads, etc. then it is worth taking the time to sit back and enjoy reading regarding such dreams and visions. Playing cards is not always a good thing, and making beads is not always just fun.  Remember to be open-minded when you have dreams of different kind of board-games, field-games, water-games and air-games, etc.  Most of the times, games refer to pretending.  Many card-games are a front for superstition and sly, cunning spirits. It totally depends on what happened in the dreams and remember, the little details are all very important for understanding your dreams.  A friend had a dream of a hockey-stick that changed into a snake; and another weird dream was about a chess set that became alive like little Knights, Kings, Horses, Queens, etc. and really started fighting on the board; like miniature animals and people.

Did you know that your immediate environment says a lot about your personality? and so does any dream or vision regarding your basement, your kitchen, the neglected house or an old-fashioned farmyard. These things which surround you, give truths regarding your personality and/or character.  If you dream that your room where you rest peacefully changes into a hospital room where you are lying on the operating table, it says something about your spirit, and you need help (a spiritual operation).  A kitchen that becomes hard as ice and a fancy apartment on the 33rd Floor that changes into a scrap-yard might not be a good dream.  There was someone who dreamed they had a bath-tub made from bronze that melted and formed a bronze skeleton… a Shop full of barbie-dolls and a building that burns down while it is raining are all indications of events in your current life situations.  Remember, these are all guidance for your future, do not neglect dreams and visions such as these.

Some people have dreams of diamonds been stolen; or have visions of steel been delivered to the beach and piled onto a boat.  There were dreams of copper floating through the air or even iron changing into money, and so forth. Someone I knew once had a vision of diamonds that changed into red magical blankets and flew away… It is not uncommon to dream about metals, and for this reason I included this Volume to help you with interpretation of your dreams and visions with regards to these metals.  What would you do if you had a pile of lead that spoke to you while running around on a wooden plank? Or if a number of golden blocks started dancing while they changed into green creatures which looked like vomit…?

This is a Volume that is never-ending.  I could have carried on writing for the next four years to include all the funny things people dream about.  But for the purpose of getting the book on the market to help you with interpretation of your present dreams, I decided to draw the line with the ones that are included in this book.  Even though there are so much more I can write about; I do believe that this specific volume will blow your mind.  Many miscellaneous objects have such diverse meanings, for instance dreaming of books that has legs and are running around in a Water-fountain without getting wet… or objects such as Flying Saucers; and Temples made from mud and decorated with money coins… As I said, I could write forever… I trust you will enjoy this volume tremendously.

There is such a vast amount of different music instruments, that it would have taken me years to complete this amazing interesting book of dreams on music Instruments. For the purpose of this dream-book series, only the ones that were received by individuals asking the interpretations were included here. Music Instruments are not uncommon in dreams and visions. And the interpretations are of such that it will shock you; make you laugh; make you cry and give you warnings to give more attention of your dreams with music, notes, instruments, and sounds.  Let me give you an example.  If a Harp has legs and follow you around your house in a dream; or if a guitar makes drumming music instead of the normal guitar sounds while you are going for an audition… what would you believe is the message from God for you? Someone wrote that they had a dream of a flute that woke them up every night at exactly 3 o clock playing the song “Mama Tempe’s getting Married”… and when they tried to make the flute quite it barked at them with a sound exactly as a Dog’s Bark….

Many dreams and visions evolve around nature objects such as hurricanes; lightning strikes; ground erosion, land-slides, freak waves in the sea; tornados; field-fires, beach-sand and much more.  I felt this dream-book series could not exist without this Volume. So many weird dreams were received with regards to freak accidents and tragedies and most of them I felt were warnings; but there are some that gives advice for the future.  Go figure!  A twin sister who had identical arm-bands which they never removed from their arms dreamed that her twin was in an elevator when an earth-quake happened and her sister was caught under all the rubble, and when she went looking for her two hours after the earth-quake, she only found her sister’s skeleton with no meat on her body…!, but the skeleton had her arm-band on her bone…  Well, how about that warning from God!

Probably one of the most exciting books (and also most important) in this Dream-book series is this one on Numbers; probably because they are so necessary as key-words for interpretations of your dreams and visions.  Every number in the Word of God has a specific meaning, which could be either positive or negative.  Even the numbers of scriptures sometimes give a deeper meaning of the Word.  If you could understand what God is saying, you might find yourself drawing closer to Him, strengthening your personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Look for instance at the number 4 (four) which means to “reign and rule”, and in John 11:44 it is the exact verse where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… where Lazarus came forth - reigning and ruling over the death spirit!

People are certainly the most important thing for us when it comes to interpretation of dreams and visions and hence I found myself trying to include as many “kinds of people” as I could possible think about.  Many requests of interpretations came from people that had dreams of relatives dying; or friends and family that had something happened to them (sometimes it was good and other times it was bad).  Don’t be anxious about these dreams, it does not always mean that they are physically dying.  Sometimes death in dreams have a positive outcome. These family members, friends, colleagues and strangers are all explained in this Volume in the Dream-Book series

This Volume was very challenging due to the numerous dreams that was received regarding healing; joy; homosexuality; depressions; mental madness; patience; famine; charity; stealing; anger and many more.  The seven deadly sins as well as the seven virtues are also mentioned in this Volume because there are so many people who really do not understand these sins from the Word of God. Someone dreamed that while they were being buried, they were laughing at the person who buried them (and it was a family member).  Another dream was about a man that was very angry at his wife because he felt betrayed as she was sleeping around behind his back, and when they had a fight, he threw his ring to her, and she hit it away with a base-ball bat only to land on the snout of a pig in the back-yard! If you have dreams about any kind of feelings, you need to get a copy of this Volume.

This Volume in the Dream-book Series might come as a surprise to you, because most dreams are “spiritual”, and I would agree with you on this issue.  But most people do not realize what is happening with them while they are in a “dream-world”, or what does it mean when they have a vision; or even an “open vision”.  When people worship God, they feel like they are being “taken away” – what does that really mean?  This Book will answer questions such as these. This Book is the Foundation of this Dream-Book Series and would have been Book number One if it was not in Alphabetical Order.  This Volume will teach you everything you need to know about the Dream-world; your sub-conscious mind; your soul; your understanding; and maybe even something about yourself as a human being.  This is probably the most important Volume in this Series.

Sports are very popular amongst dreams with men and women of all ages and therefore the interpretations thereof could not be left out in this Dream-Book Series.  Breaking your leg in a ski championship is not always a bad thing; and hitting a ball is not always positive.  Remember to be open-minded when reading interpretations of sports – sometimes must put yourself into the game. Since most people dream of sport’s they know nothing about, I have decided to add a little description of what the sport entails as well as some history for interesting sake. Ultimately this would help with interpretations of your dreams and visions with regards to the kind of Sport you dreamed about.  Someone had a dream of a tennis ball that turned to gold every time someone hit it with a wooden tennis racquet.  But if they hit it with a steel frame tennis racquet the ball turned to dust…

Strange and ugly creatures are not very common in dreams but after receiving a few requests on what these dreams could possibly mean, I decided to include this Volume in this Series for future reference; just in case you dream of a dog with three heads or a man with a hundred arms.  This is also the only Volume in the Dream-book series that is not in alphabetical order, due to the reason of groups belonging together, for example: The Medusa and the Gorgons, since they are two generations of the same type of strange creatures.  And although I am not a very big fan of any Mythology, many people gave me examples of dreams they had of old ancient Greek and Roman gods; Yosip’s fables, Indian myths and traditions, Eastern Lifestyles and Folklore from Ireland; Australian traditions; and African stories, etc.  To help you understand these dreams and visions, it was necessary to include an introduction with every item to give the story behind the myth or legend for background.  As an example, remember that Achillis was a real ancient Greek warrior with much strength who wasn’t afraid to die, and if you dream that you are fighting such a legend in your dream, it has a true meaning.  This makes it easier for you to understand what God is trying to say to you through your dream or vision. For people who loves mythology stories, you cannot go without this book in your collection.   Most people one time or other in their lives had dreams of Titans or Giants. If you don’t have dreams of this sort, then remember other people do, and just read the Volume anyway for interesting sake.

Vehicles and parts of vehicles often occur in most dreams and every little part of the vehicle has a specific meaning.  And strangely enough it’s not always the “boys” that dream about these fancy vehicles.  Many ladies have had dreams regarding some kinds of vehicles that can fly without wings; or a sailboat that can “creep” on beach sand.  A friend had a dream of a sailboat that had human legs and can walk on the tar-road. To those people who often dream of a motorboat chasing a fish; or a helicopter turning into a monster, or a black Fire Wagon with 3 wheels shooting water-balloons… this book is for you. And no matter how strange – they all have deep meanings.

One of my greater loves in life is looking at beautiful Trees.  Not only just for their beauty, but probably because it refers to Jesus Christ who is the “Tree of Life”.  Unfortunately, only a few trees could have been added in this Volume since there are too many Trees to mention all of them.  Those that have been sent in for interpretations are added in this Volume.  If you ever dreamt about a burning Christmas tree; or a dancing palm tree; or even a crying willow tree; or a tree that sleep-walk, then you will enjoy the interpretations in this special Volume.  Different Trees in God’s Word is also very symbolic, and these are also added herein.  I probably love this Book so much because someone once said: “A Love affair with a Tree will never end in heartache”.  Is Jesus not the Tree of Life…?

Water is related to the Holy Spirit and is a good sign, most of the time.  Most people think that if you dream of water, then it means water in real life, but it does not.  Water refers to Money, and money in a dream refers to Faith in God… mmm!  Therefore, if you dream about water fountains; water springs; rivers; running tap water; or any other kinds of water items; it has something to do with money…and faith!  But there are dreams when water or other water objects are not positive in dreams and visions.  For you to understand your dreams regarding the river that is never-ending, or the water tap that produces orange juice, or the Ice cubes that turn purple in the fridge, you need to read this book.  This is one of those that you will not be able to put down until you have read it all! One of my favourites! You will surely enjoy this amazing Volume!

Many people have had dreams where they were swimming in the Barrier reef (Australia); walking in the African desert or hiding in the Egyptian pyramids in Gaza.  Other people saw themselves buying a house in Italy; working as a waitress in New York or doing celebrity dancing in Brazil.  Dreamers often have dreams where they climb Mount Everest, pray at the Taj Mahal in Agra (India); or sit on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris.  Even the statue of Jesus Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro was very prominent in dreams.  Famous places in the world or icons (and even certain countries) have a positive or negative connotation to your dreams, depending on the detail that you can remember from your dreams.  A tremendous amount of dreams was sent in regarding the above, therefore earning their place in this very interesting Dream-Book series.  To understand these types of dreams you need this volume in your collection.