Good day all,

Due to the Corona Virus our church is still closed, but we hope and pray that we should be able to open up in the beginning of September 2020. 

We miss you all and are praying for you, shalom. 


PROPHECIES 55 – For Lucy


Lucy, Lucy, where are you?
a young girl with your friend Sue
Looking at your life i see…
you must allow her to be

Her path is in front of her
it is no use for you to stir…
let her go, and set her free,
only then you will be able to be…

Let her go, Lucy, Lucy, Let her go…
in this life it is a sacrifice you sow…
But in God’s Kingdom you will have joy,
and before your eyes you will have a boy…

No matter what the doctor say,
put your head down and lay,
trust in God and see the gift he give,
then you will realize how to live…

Lucy, Lucy, where are you,
the young girl with the friend Sue….

(Saturday, 15th June 2019, at 15h30pm).


Prophetic Teacher Nomsa




through the Holy Spirit, by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa…. for KIM,

“Do not conform yourself to be part of this rat race, Kim!
be part of My race, says the Lord;
a life filled with Christ Himself: no-one need to see:
If only you believe it is I, you will be able to see Me… KIM!

The amazing presence of God is drawing near;
open your spirit and open in this night;
this is my light, it is shining bright;
Open your ear and hear the sound;
it will be loud and bright… KIM!

(received 26th march 2019). Shalom

from Prophetic Teacher Nomsa.

PROPHECIES 53 – Prophecy for SAM (Holy Spirit Presence)


I am the great I AM, i am talking to you SAM...
Listen then, and heed my voice,
sayeth the Host of Heaven, there is a mighty number Seven;

more clear than this i cannot be; trust Me now and you will see;
seven days, or hours, or months you would not know; but beyond the trees there lies the snow;
in Seven i will come to be; and from that day you will always see;

the presence of my Spirit around your home; I am not talking about a dome;
for brick is brick, and mud becomes a stick;
but in your house the Spirit infilling will always shine;
and all will know you are truly mine!

Listen, Listen, Listen SAM, for when i come you will know,
beyond the sun there is a wind that blow;
it is a mighty refreshing thunder, and it comes quickly like a blunder;

do not run or hide or even stall; in My presence you will not fall;
Mightier than I there will never be; my friend you will always be with Me…
so make the choice to wait for my presence… Sam… Sam…  SAM!
Wait upon Me!

for SAM, on 09/03/2019.   Prophecy for SAM, received today.

Ps. Nomsa.


PROPHECY 53 – God’s Strength, His Battle

TODAY WE PROPHECY  in Jesus name…

THE KING (WE who are children of God according to Rev 5:9-10) shall joy in Your strength, O Lord; and in Your salvation how greatly shall we rejoice!
You have given us our heart’s desires and have not withheld the request of our lips. Selah [pause, and think of that]!
For You send blessings of good things to meet us; You set a crown of pure gold (Righteousness and Wisdom) on our head.
We asked life of You, and You gave it to us–long life forever and evermore.
Our glory is great because of Your aid; splendor and majesty You bestow upon us.
We confess and declare by faith You make us to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make us exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence.
For we, the Kings of the World, trusts, relies on, and is confident in the Lord, and through the mercy and steadfast love of the Most High we will never be moved.
Lord we confess Your hand shall find all our enemies; Your right hand shall find all those who hate us.
You will make them as if in a blazing oven in the time of Your anger; the Lord will swallow them up in His wrath, and the fire will utterly consume them.
Their offspring You will destroy from the earth, and their sons from among the children of men.
For they planned evil against us (Your Kings); they conceived a mischievous plot which they are not able to perform.
For You will make them turn their backs; You will aim Your bow [of divine justice] at their faces.
Be exalted, Lord, in Your strength; we will sing and praise Your power.

(Taken and declared by faith, confessing the truth of God’s Word according to Psalm 21). Shalom.