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Due to the Corona Virus our church is still closed, but we hope and pray that we should be able to open up in the beginning of September 2020. 

We miss you all and are praying for you, shalom. 


MARRIAGE COUNSELING 2 – Questionnaire; Be Honest!

Try and answer the following questions?

Do it together with your partner …and then discuss it.

  • How do you see your relationship at this moment?
  • Name five good things about your partner?
  • Name five bad things about your partner without judging or critisizing?
  • Mention five good things about your relationship?
  • Name five bad things about your relationship?
  • Say: I am the happiest in our relationship when …..?
  • Answer: I get HURT the most in our relationship when ….?
  • Me and my partner disagree about the following: ….make a list?
  • What did we do at our last blow-out – how did we solve the problem…? Or did we…?
  • What do you need to change in your relationship?
  • What do you expect of your spouse NOW in your present relationship?
  • What is missing from your relationship that you had before?
  • When was the last time you were intimate with your partner? With flirtations? Not just sex.
  • With whom do you share your bed: animals or children?
  • When last did you make breakfast in bed for your spouse…if ever?
  • When last did you bathe your spouse?
  • When last did you make a nice card…not buy one… but actually hand-made one? Not printed from pc.  Hand-made.
  • When last did you spoke about your relationship without fighting about it?
  • What makes you feel that you are loved?
  • What are you going to do this week to let your partner know that you still love her very much…not jut “love her”..!
  • Is your marriage a pain and suffering time or a pleasure and fun peaceful relationship?
  • Describe your partner in ONE word!

The above questions should be done every month at the last week on a quiet night alone at home.  Each one must answer the questions honestly before the other one without fighting or screaming.  Be honest with your partner:  What do you feel is lacking from your relationship which you had last month that you didn’t have this month, etc.

After discussing, each make a special something to the other to either eat or use that you know he/she will enjoy.  Spend the night together with love and peace and trust the Lord to be part of your relationship, in Jesus Name. 


(Credits to research of materials included in TRT Marriage counselling Handbook)


LITERATURE “Who is this God?” (Introduction)

WHO IS THIS GOD?  Book       (In Press)                                                by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa


Names are important to God – if it was not so, He would not have given Himself all the Covenant names that we read about in the Word of God.  One of the first things God did in the Old Testament was to give Himself names by which His people could know Him.

The word of God says in Hosea 4:6 – “My people perish due lack of knowledge [of God]…..”

This scripture refers to the fact that although God allowed Himself to be known by His names which explains His character, even so His people did not wish to get to know Him.  God’s whole Character is portrait in His Names.  He wanted His people to know Him simply by calling Him upon the names that He gave them.

Names were so important to God that even He Himself changed the names of some people to portray their new characters:

  • Abram became Abraham which means “Father of great multitude; mercy; many nations” – 1 Cro 1:27.  God decided to make Abraham a Father of many nations which in today’s lifetime refers to two nations – the Christians (children of Abraham by Faith), and the Muslim nations (Islam).
  • Sarai became Sara (Sa’-rahee) means “Noble lady; to lead; to fight; a ruler; a princess” – Gen 11:29.  Sara had to be a strong woman to be able to support her husband who was going to be a Father of two nations.
  • Saul meant “Asked for/demanded” and he became Paul which means “Little” – Acts 13:9.  I believe God gave Paul a name that kept him humble and on his knees; to remind him not to become self-righteous through everything he did for Jesus Christ and the gospel.  He stayed “little” (humble).
  • John meaning “Beloved; Jehovah has graciously given”, became Mark which means “A large hammer; polite” – Act 12:12,25.  John the beloved was already called before he was born and Jesus knew he would be like a hammer in the hands of God through his preaching the gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Simon was also called Sefas which meant “The unstable one; one who hears and will obey”.  Jesus obviously knew that Simon was unstable but he would obey the calling of God’s voice and through his obedience he became Peter which means “Stone; rock”…… of which Jesus said: …”Upon this rock I will build my church”….- John 1:42.  The whole “NEW” character of Peter was portrait in his name.  He was a strong Stone Pillar in the Kingdom of God.  Simon was called “Simon-bar-Jonah” which means (Simon) “the unstable child” who wants to hear God and obey Him, (bar) “son of”, (Jonah) “the Holy Spirit”.  Even before he was called to be a rock of Christ’s church, he was baptized as a son of the Holy Spirit – Matt 10:2; Mark 3:16.
  • The word “bar” means “son of”; and the word “Jonah” represents “Holy Spirit” – Luke 6:14.  Now look at the name of Jesus Christ which in that time was known as “Jesus-bar-Jonah”…. meaning “Jesus, the anointed One”, the “Son of” the “Holy Spirit” – John 1:42; Matt 16:17-18.
  • Judas Iskarioth had a name which portrait his character from the beginning.  He was a child of the devil from the beginning since the spirit of death was always present in him (but dormant) until the time when Jesus spoke to him and said: “Go and do what you have to do”.  At this time the spirit of murder entered into him and he betrayed Jesus to death.  The name Judas Iskariot means “Man of Kerioth”, and the word “Kerioth” is translated as “Man of Murder”.  Even before his birth he carried the name of a murderer.
  • John the Baptist had a name which portrayed his character as being a person who received a gift from God to preach the good news gospel of Jesus Christ.  John’s name means “God has graciously given”.
  • Jesus Christ also changed the names of two of his disciples (James and John) the two brothers.  And due to their strong quick tempered character, Jesus called them the “Sons of Thunder” – Mark 3:16-17

David knew God’s character, by calling God upon the Covenant Names by which He introduced Himself to David.  Let’s have a look at one of the most important Psalms in the Word of God – Psalm 23.  There are more than 16 Covenant Names of God that appear in Psalm 23.

If people would realize the importance of the Names of God, and start calling Him upon the Names by which His whole Godhead exists; and they worship Him in calling Him upon His name, their whole prayer-life would change and they would have a deeper understanding of the knowledge of God.

Every person in life has a name, we are not known by numbers.  And your name is very important since it has a meaning.  The most important thing any parent can do for an unborn child is to choose a name which would assist him in life in building a good character, and not a negative one.  By your name you are known.  Your reputation follows you through the name that you are known by.  Nobody wants to call their child “Judas”… because there is a reputation of a traitor associated with that name!

Do you remember a man by the name of “Casanova” of the 18th century?  Imagine standing at the top of a very well-known route between somewhere and no-where.  Faces echoing in the wind, personalities carved in the sand-stone where many moon lights ago Casanova (lover of all women) roamed the streets of Venice.  Over-dressed women longing for that one night when they were swept off their feet by a stranger with full hands and a kiss in every touch; where daily chores was limited to endless small-talk and walks in the ever-green garden with fountains longing for your attention…..just this once.  Every drop of water splashing down calling your name for an everlasting moment…. forgetting what lies behind; as in the same way numerous drops of blood fell from the cross of Calvary, calling your name for eternity.  Casanova really existed and he was so famous as a womanizer that his name to this day remains synonymous with the art of seduction. He was popularly known as a man who had a character of flirting with women….a “Casanova”; best known for his legendary womanizing proving that people are known by the characters more than by their actual name; as can be read in his autobiography “Histoire de ma vie” (Story of my life).  Even though Casanova associated Himself with European royalty poses, Cardinals, Kings, and luminaries such as Mozart, Goethe and Voltaire, he spent his last years in Bohemia as a librarian and his last word’s were: “I have lived as a philosopher and I die as a Christian”.  I think I can with utmost certainty say that Casanova realized at the end of his life that nothing is more important than having a good name since his name was destroyed by his character and it left him sick, alone, and helpless at an old age, with nothing to show for his life…. except his flirtatious character/name…..

to be continued….