MARCH 2019

TRT CHURCH – 071 178 7799


Good day all, what an amazing God we serve. 

This month of March we are praying for all to go deeper into Spirit and we wish to help you all with blessings of our Kingdom Bible College, Chapter One – FOR FREE! This will help you to grow stronger and go deeper in God’s Kingdom. More details to be given in Church at our Sunday Meetings 5h00pm. 

May God take you into depths in His Kingdom this year, from March 2020. 

We love you and pray for you. Shalom.

Church Leader = Prophetic Teacher Nomsa, strong as a Lion


TRT CHURCH – 071 178 7799


It is a new month with many exciting things happening at our Church.  Feel free to join us at all occasions.  This month we are praying for Financial Breakthrough for everyone that is part of our church; and for those who visit us on a frequent basis.  We love and care for you. Remember, you are special, and confess that your Breakthrough is already here. May God bless you in abundance with your Finances this month of February 2020.  Shalom.

Just a small part of our lovely Church Grounds
which God blessed us with.  Thank you Lord


TRT CHURCH – 071 178 7799


It is a NEW YEAR full of promises from God for abundant Grace; much Favor; cups running over; providence, open door’s; healthy living; wealth in buckets; new idea’s; improved skills and abilities; receiving the mind of Christ; and living in glory, mercy and faith in God’s Kingdom, with the Holy Spirit residing within you. May this year 2020 be your best year ever! Shalom. TRT Church.