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1 COLOSSIANS – F) Christ in Chapter One


Colossions One 

Jesus is the Head of the Kingdom – V13 (Rev 20)
Jesus is our Redeemer – V14 (Gal 4:5; Matt 26:28
Jesus is the image of the invisibile God – V15
Jesus is the Firstborn of eery creature – V16
Jesus is the creator of all things – CV16
Jesus is the eternal being – V17 (Mic 5:2)
Jesus is the Upholder of all things – V17 (Hebr 1:3,8)
Jesus is the Head of the church – V18, 24 (Eph 5)
Jesus si the originator of all things – V18
Jesus is the first-born from the Dead – V18,19 (Col 2:19)
Jesus is the fullness of God – V19 (Col 2:9)
Jesus is the mediator between GOd and man – V20-22 (2 Cor 5:14-21, 1 Tim 2:4-6)
Jesus is the indweller of Saints – V22 (Luk 22:3


1 COLOSSIANS – E) Short Summary


Please join us through this next month as we study through the book of Colossians.  Everyday we discover new things in this amazing book which we share with you here on our TRT Web-site.  May you be encouraged to study this book in depth as we take you into God’s Precious Word.

The Book of Colossians was written by Paul round about 61-64ad.  For those who don’t know, “ad” stands for “after death (of Jesus)”.  There is a principle in this book that is clearly seen from the beginning and that is: Whatever you do, keep Jesus first in your life!  No matter what you do, do it as if you are doing it for Jesus and He will be the One looking at what you did at the end of the day!

Remember while reading and studying this book that you are fully forgiven in Christ (Col 2) and do not allow anyone to point a finger at you for anything you did in the past; also remember Jesus Christ is the hope of your glory (Col 3).

Short summary of Colossians

Chapter One – Jesus is the image of the invisible God; all things are created by Him; He is the Head of the body; the fullness dwell in Him; and God makes know the riches of His glory to the saints (you).

Chapter Two – You need to walk in Jesus Christ; in Him dwell the fullness of the bodily Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You were circumcised; and are dead to sins; you were quickened by the Spirit and you are forgiven.

Chapter Three – You have been raised by Christ; seek things that are above; Christ is your life; we will appear in glory with Him; You need to put off the old man; All do as God teaches: fathers, mothers, children, and servants.

Chapter Four – Continue in steadfast prayers; walk in wisdom; let your speech be gracious and seasoned with salt.

I would advise you to study these four summary’s of this book so that in future when someone speaks about something relating to this book you can say; “Yes, we can learn about putting off the old man in chapter 3 of Colossians”.  In this way you learn where to find certain teachings that are valuable to us as Christians.  People will also be impressed when they know that you actually “know” God’s Word chapter-by-chapter.  Try to learn and remember the short summaries of this amazing book.

There is a very important prayer in the book of Colossians which brother Paul wrote in Chapter 1:9-11.

  • That you are filled with the knowledge of Gods will;
  • That you have spiritual discernment;
  • That you walk in a manner worthy of the Lord;
  • That your life bears fruit;
  • That you are strengthened with all power and with joy;
  • That you should thank the Father.

PRAYER: Col 1:9 Be assured that from the first day we heard of you, we haven’t stopped praying for you, asking God to give you wise minds and spirits attuned to his will, and so acquire a thorough understanding of the ways in which God works.  Col 1:10 We pray that you’ll live well for the Master, making him proud of you as you work hard in his orchard. As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work.  Col 1:11 We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul–not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, Col 1:12 thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.

There are certain highlights that you should always take note of in the book of Colossians:

  • Paul was a provider for the people and we should also try to provide for others – Col 1:28-29.
  • The battle always begin in the mind like Joyce Meyer says – Col 3:1-14
  • Growth is not an event; you need to have discipline – Col 2:1-7
  • Relationship skills is needed if you want to be a Leader – Col 3:18-46

The subject of the book of Colossians is:

Not only to walk in light (Col 1:23; 2:6-7; 3:1-17) but also to live in Freedom in Christ and be free from the old Law; to have freedom from old religions and live in a doctrine of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  You must also be free from rituals, philosophies, genealogies, false teachings and mysticisms.  Rituals, ordinances, observance of Sabbath days, and holy days as well as rites will not benefit us at all.  Live in unity with Jesus and the bodily Godhead and remember that you died with Christ through your baptism. You must at all times practise holiness and live in righteousness believing in Christ holding on to your faith in His Kingdom; and grow in completeness, fullness of His knowledge, His abilities, His skills, His capabilities, His grace and His love for you.

I encourage you to start reading through the book of Colossians as we will be studying this Word together for the next few days chapter-by chapter.

Shalom. Nomsa   ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

1 COLOSSIANS – D) Things not to do

 Colossians (Things you should not do)

1:23 Continue stay in the gospel in faith – so do not move away from the hope which rests on and is inspired by the glad tidings

2:8 See to it that no-one carried you off as spoil or makes you captive by philosophies and vain deceit (nonsense)

2:16 Let no-one sit in judgement on you in matters…

2:18 a Let no-one defraud you by acting as umpire

2:18 b Let no-one declare you unworthy or disqualify you.

2:20 Do not live as if you still belong to the world

3:19 Husbands, do not be harsh or bitter or resentful towards them

3:21 a  Fathers, do not provoke or irritate or fret your children,

3:21 b Fathers, do not harass them lest they become discouraged.

3:21 b Fathers, do not break the spirit of your children

3:25 Do not deal wrongfully; and be punished for wrongdoing

We trust you learnt something. Look out for our next post…. What to do (according to the book Colossians).


1 COLOSSIANS – C) Leadership in Colossians

Paul in Colossians (re Leadership)

During the book of Colossians we find many different Topics described and spoken by Brother Paul and there is much we can learn from them.  Here is just a few topics Paul speaks about in Colossians: Provision from God; Self-Discipline; Leadership; Victory; Respect; Relationships.

In the next month we will be standing still with some of these topics in the book of Colossians; so that you can learn something about this amazing book and the character of the bodily Godhead.

Today we will be talking about Leadership through Colossians:

  • Paul writes teaching us that we should remember that the Holy Spirit must always be the center of our lives; no matter what you do or where you go, always ask the Holy Spirit to accompany you and to be with you.  He will give you guidance, wisdom and knowledge at the right moment when you need it.  Even when i go to buy a nice painting i ask the Holy Spirit which one would suite my lounge better, for He knows.  When i buy groceries i ask the Holy Spirit to join me and often times at the Store it is when i meet someone that are really down-and-out and need an encouraging word.  If you ask the Holy Spirit to join you where you go; He will always make sure that you are in a position where you can do something for the Kingdom of God – Col 1:17
  • In the book Paul teaches that that Masters are really “Leaders” and we learn how servants should deal with their Masters and visa versa.  But the most important thing to remember is that ultimately Jesus is our Master in Heaven and we must submit to His glory in Jesus Name – Col 3:22. 
  • We must remember that Leadership in the global church of Jesus Christ begins on the inside of you; and not on the outside.   God is interested in WHO you are, more than what He is interested in what you are doing.  First love, then give.
  • Another thing that is very important for Leaders to know is that if you have made the decision to be a Leader for a long time; i suggest you accept the fact that you are going to be a learner forever.  You can never ever learn enough and you should always be open to learn from anybody that is willing to give you advice.  If you don’t agree just chuck it away from you, but first ask yourself: can i learn something from this? Col 1:7-12
  • As Leaders we must remember to pray.  Praying is very important – we can do nothing unless we pray and ask God to help us first.  It is through our praying that God will answer our call, and then only will we see that everything fall in place; so start praying today for what you believe the Lord to do for you.  Trust in Him alone for no-one on this earth can do for you what Jesus can do for you. To be exceptional in life and be outstanding you need only to pray – Col 1:9-14. 
  • Paul speak to the Fathers, the Mothers and the children: since each of them have someone they must look up to, just like we look up to our Father in heaven.  For the child the mother or Father is their Leader; for the wife the Husband is her Leader; for the Husband God is his Leader… and so we learn from our Superiors how to live a good life in this Kingdom of God – Col 4:1. 

(Part of our Kingdom Bible College Handbook.  Written 2001).



1 COLOSSIANS – B) Jesus in Chapter One


Facts about Christ in Colossians One

Colossions One 

Jesus is the Head of the Kingdom – V13 (Rev 20)

Jesus is our Redeemer – V14 (Gal 4:5; Matt 26:28

Jesus is the image of the invisibile God – V15

Jesus is the Firstborn of eery creature – V16

Jesus is the creator of all things – CV16

Jesus is the eternal being – V17 (Mic 5:2)

Jesus is the Upholder of all things – V17 (Hebr 1:3,8)

Jesus is the Head of the church – V18, 24 (Eph 5)

Jesus si the originator of all things – V18

Jesus is the first-born from the Dead – V18,19 (Col 2:19)

Jesus is the fullness of God – V19 (Col 2:9)

Jesus is the mediator between GOd and man – V20-22 (2 Cor 5:14-21, 1 Tim 2:4-6)

Jesus is the indweller of Saints – V22 (Luk 22:3


1 COLOSSIANS – A) Introduction


Today we learn something about the Book Colossians                                                             .

  • The Apostle wrote the book of Colossians to believers in Colossae; and he wrote it while he was in Prison.
  • The book of Colossae is very closely related to the book of Ephesians.
  • Almost a quarter of Ephesians is found in Colossians.
  • Paul wrote this book to the Colossians in response to heresy and false teachings that were in the church at that time.
  • There was trouble in the church due to misunderstandings between Christians and also a combination of Jewish and Hellenistic believes.
  • The main reason why Paul wrote this book was to rescue believers in Christ so that they will not be misled; and also so that they could get into believing who God is.
  • Paul wanted them to know God and understand Who God is and not to fall for cultic doctrines.
  • Paul’s character is clearly seen in the book of Collossians when he shows much courage being like a Father who rebukes his children. He was not afraid to speak his mind.
  • What we also see is that Paul is not a people-pleaser. He loves the people genuinely and wanted them to be blessed.
  • We see that Paul is setting a standard for excellent life and he is not afraid to show them repeatedly; and teach them continually what is right and what is wrong.
  • One thing that Paul gave a lot of attention is to teach them that Jesus is ALL you will ever need. He is your Lord, your Saviour, your Healer, your Deliverer, your Friend, Your Creator…. He is ALL you can ever need in any situation.
  • Paul wants his friends, family and congregation members to strive to become like Christ in all their endeavours in life; to become spiritually mature in Christ; as Christ Himself is.

We trust you will read through the book of Colossians today, so that you can learn much from this exciting book. Shalom.

Prophetic Teacher Nomsa


BIBLE BOOK – Book Obadiah



Written between the 9th and the 4th Century by the Prophet Obadiah.

The book is about the People of Edom (Esau’s descendants) who had a spirit of Pride.  This message can be brought home into our own lives today.  We should continually ask the Lord to check our Hearts and see if we do not have a spirit of pride, and ask Him to remove it from us.

Ask the Lord to fill you with His love, and His compassion for other people, and stay in humbleness.  Shalom.

BIBLE BOOK – Zephaniah


Zephaniah means: Yahweh is my secret; Yahweh has hidden/protected.  Written about 630bc during the reign of King Josiah of Judah (Refer 2 Kings and 2 Cronicles).  This book goes back into four generations to Hezekiah; the King whose life God added 15 years more.


The Book teaches us that God is a God of restoration and hope.

No matter what you are going through, He wants you to be blessed and to succeed in life. God is a mighty warrior that wants to save you and he rejoices over you once you have repented over your sin, and accepted Jesus as Your Savior. Chapter 2:3 has a very important scripture:

Zep 2:3 Seek the Lord [inquire for Him, inquire of Him, and require Him as the foremost necessity of your life], all you humble of the land who have acted in compliance with His revealed will and have kept His commandments; seek righteousness, seek humility [inquire for them, require them as vital]. It may be you will be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Worshiping and seeking God is the only necessary thing for your life. God wants to gather those that are imperfect and wants to teach you to live in freedom and success in this life; without fear, doubt, shame, negativity, blame, etc.  V17 of Chapter 3 tells us that God is in your midst, an invincible force, fighting for you.

Take a few minutes and read these three chapters in God’s Word and be blessed. Shalom

BIBLE BOOK – Nahum (Present South Africa)

THE BOOK OF NAHUM (The story of South Africa)

This book only has three Chapters but it is a very interesting Book in God’s Word; which we can use to encourage us with what is happening in South Africa these last few years.  There is much fraud; genocide; fighting; rebellious actions; strife; murder of innocents; and so much more.  But when we look at this Book we realize that we are not the first Country that has gone through something like this.  Just like God warned the Assyrian city of Nineveh for their war they continually declared on God’s people of Judah – in the same way God is using this word today, to declare war on the Oppressors who is doing to the innocent South Africans what the Assyrians did to Judah. This book is very relevant in today’s life and we can see the Assyrians (which for the benefit of this Teaching can be called the Opressors) of today in SA; as we look at Judah of old which would be the innocent minority South Africans who have being slaughtered in the last few years.  It is amazing how closely this Book from God’s Word is to the events that are happening here in South Africa.

Let us have a look at what God promised the Assyrians as they were waging war against Judah.  For a period of time God allowed them to continue to hurt His people for the Word declare “He is slow to Anger… (Nah 1:3)”… but we should give attention to the last part of that scripture.  He is Great in Power.  When He will start executing His judgement on the Oppressors it will be so fierce that nothing will be able to stand against it, in Jesus Name!

The book gives a great comfort to the people of Judah – in today’s life we must see it as God giving us (the innocent South Africans) a word of consolation and comfort through His Holy Spirit.  And when i talk about Innocent South Africans, i do not promote any color, for we are not racist.  God loves everyone equally that is innocent, whether you are brown, pink, white, yellow or black… He does not see color in people.   He created us different because He loves a variety.  I love the scene in the movie “Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves” with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman as his Muslim friend.  In one scene they are sitting in the Forest with their new friends while everyone were dancing at the Feast.  A little girl came to Morgan Freeman and curiously asked him: “Did God paint you?”… in her little mind she could not understand his darker color.  She has only seen white people around her since her birth.  Here is wisdom for those who want to receive it: His answer was this:  “Yes, God loves a variety of all His children”…

When i think about this scene i always think that we should be so honored and privileged to realize that God created each of us in exactly the way he wanted us to be.  A darker skin for this one for a reason; and a lighter skin for someone else for a purpose.  He has a plan for everyone and His plan included what the “package” should look like.  I think we should fall on our knees every day and thank the Lord for the color that He “painted” us.  Imagine the Creator of Heaven and Earth sitting there creating Malema and thinking – “you i want to have a dark skin”… imagine Him painting someone like me before i was physically born in my mother’s womb, and saying to Himself: “Nomsa, i want her to have a lighter skin than Mandela, or Zuma…  You can look at this which ever way you want to – having a lighter skin is not going to make you rich.  If you were born into poverty the only way you are going to get out of there is using your brains God gave you to start a business and get yourself out of the “Poverty Spirit”.  Being white is not going to give you more money.  And the same is true for the other side – having a darker skin will not make you more bright.  God gave you a mind and if you receive Jesus Christ you could have the mind of Christ.  But wishing for a lighter skin will not make you more clever.   We are what we are.  Changing the color of our skin will not change what is in our hearts. You have a choice to make something for yourself in this world, no matter what color your skin.

As i look at this scenario in Nahum, i can almost see the innocent people (Judah/Innocent souls around the world) crying out to God to help them against the barbaric actions of those who have no mercy and no love.  I am using the events in South Africa to teach about this Book, but in actual fact there are many places in the world where “innocents” are  being murdered, raped and tortured by barbarians for no other reason as just the color of their skin.  It is also true that there are wars for other reasons like religion; money; power; to be first or at the top…. the list is never ending.  But i see a Word from God for all the innocent people around the world which are being molested by someone else.  God is definitely slow to anger… but that does not mean that He is not aware of what you are going through.  He might take His time to go over into Action, but rest assured, when He does, and He will! – there will be no stopping Him when His anger comes down on those who hurt the “Innocents” of the world.

If you study this book, you can see how Nahum saw the vision that God gave him, so that he could give the vision to Judah for encouragement.  God is aware of their misery, and He hears their cry; He is coming with vengeance! As a Prophet of the most High God today, i want to declare this vision in today’s life (Because God’d Word will stand forever!) over everyone who is crying out to God – He is coming with vengeance against your oppressors!  He will never be late!  Hold on to your faith – God is aware of what you are going through.

In the same breath i want to speak to all the barbaric souls out there that are killing; fighting; bombing; raping; murdering; stealing; lying; frauding; abusing and molesting; and hurting “Innocents” in the world somewhere – as a Prophet of the most High God, i declare this day over your life that God will not let you get away with it.  I think it is clear enough for you to understand what i am saying. You might plot against the Innocents in the world, but God is aware of what you are doing, and the net you are casting out for the Innocents, will be used to trap you and your plans. God is not a man that He should lie…. in the book of Nahum He clearly told his prophet to tell His people “He is coming with wrath and Anger against those who are doing these barbaric actions. I thank God i am not standing in the shoes of an oppressor (Nah 1:10-11) or anybody who is part of the oppressor’s clan.  They are only a few people who has put themselves above the laws of this Government in South Africa and they think they can do what they please, but as my God lives today – God will not allow you to continue with these actions, and you will disappear as it is written in the book of Nahum – Nah 1:12-13… your time is up!  God will no longer allow you to afflict the Innocents.  V13 For now will i break his yoke from off you and will burst your bonds asunder, says the Lord God most High!  Your time is up, Oppressor, i declare this day, the Word of God over your life.  You will not live long to see another day.  The damage you have done to others, will be brought back upon you and your family and all your followers and their families, into seven generations.  God is not mocked!  V14 And the Lord has given a commandment concerning you (evil Assyrian {SA Oppressors} counselor) that no more of your name shall be born nor shall your name be perpetuated.

V15 Behold! upon the mountains the feet of the Prophet who brings good tidings [telling of the Assyrian’s death], the Prophet who publishes PEACE.  Celebrate your feasts, oh Judah (Innocents), for the wicked counselor, the king of Assyria, shall no more come against you or pass through your land for he is utterly cut off! declares the Lord!

Today as i am Teaching on this Word, and sharing the way in which i understand this Book to be relevant to what is happening in South Africa and other parts of the world; i am humble before God trusting Him to let this word be fulfilled in South Africa.  As His child i declare this word over the Oppressors who has tried to take a hold of our beautiful Country.  All they did was make a mess…. there is fires, stealing money, rapes, murdering, and all kinds of evil that started when certain political party’s came on the scene in SA.  Before, we never had any of these problems in SA.  We were not a perfect Country, but there was PEACE.  Nobody burned schools down because we understood the importance of equal education for everyone.  Nobody killed anybody because everyone wanted to live in peace in their little spot where they were.  Many things have changed for the worst when the Oppressors came into power, and you can disagree with me how much you want to, statistics don’t lie.

Maybe this Teaching is more on Politics than on the Word of God, and coming from me that is strange, because all that know me also know that i hate Politics and i do not like talking about it. And yet, today i have this urge in me to share this word… ? And you might not agree with me, but let me share my humble view on what should be happening in South Africa.  We need a Honest, loyal man or woman in Parliament who will have enough integrity and a love of God for equality for all different kinds of people.  There should not be any racism spirit operating and the only way it will be done away with is if everybody get’s a fair share of everything.  Because different cultures and colors of people live in South Africa we should start by eliminating those who is not a citizen of our Country first. Send them back to their Countries and then give attention to those who are left and work with what we have.  If their is to be any fairness in this country it should be done in a decent way.  There are not just blacks and whites in this Country.  There are also colored people and they are not categorized as being black.  They have their own color.  Businesses should be forced to employ enough of each color people in the business.  If their is a company with 40 employees then it must be divided among the colors living in South Africa.  Not 80% Black and 5% colored and 5% whites as it is now, this is not acceptable and not fair.  The right thing to do is this: and forgive my blunt and straight-forward way of explanation. If the owner of the Business need to to have 40 workers; he should divide the work into three different colors to be employed.  No-one color should get preference.

Unfortunately some political parties are doing these things today because they believed that in previous years they were not equally treated.  I am not a Historic student, but let me tell you what i do know.  I am a student of God’s Word, and His Word declares that the past is over and gone and should be forgotten.  If we really want to have peace we should call it a day.  Many black people have suffered in this Country in the past, and now many white people are suffering in this country; both have had their say.  It is a new day and a new Season for South Africa, i declare this Country this day to be placed in the Right hand of the Almighty God of heaven and Earth, and let Him deal with this case.  It is time for South Africa to get out of the Hell hole it was placed under a few years ago; and it is time for Christians in South Africa to stand up and declare the Lord’s Right hand of Power is over this Country.  I call the Spirit of Reconciliation to flow through this Land on this Day and trust my God and My Savior, Jesus Christ to do an amazing thing in this Land.  The spirit of Peach will overcome in Jesus Name! I declare like Nahum did when he received the vision from God – the Lord God Almighty RESTORES the excellence and balance of this Country, in Jesus Name. God, we place South Africa in Your Right Hand of Power, we your children cry a mighty cry to Your ears, and we know you hear this cry.  Enough of the Assyrians! God, take over in Jesus Name! Restore!…

There is another thing i do not agree with in this Country and that is the “squatter camps” everywhere.  Again it is not about color!  For there are squatter camps with both colors!; and what do you know, in some squatter camps whites and blacks live together!  What does that tell you?  I believe there is enough money in this Country, if nobody steals the Government money….! Enough money to get rid of all the squatter camps in SA.  We can start with one at a time, and build a house for all who are living in the streets and squatter camps.  It is not about favoring anybody, it is to prove to the world out there that South Africa can take care of it’s own (irrespective of the color); and we can provide housing and decent education for all our people. When i mentioned this dream on FB some time ago, many people laughed at me and said i was living in a Dream.  Yes, maybe!  But i bet God has the same dream! He wants all of us to be equally educated, equally treated, and equally blessed in Jesus Name.   God is not a respecter of people, why should we be? Think about the happiness everyone is going to have when they receive a new house from the Government. And think about this: If Government employees will stop stealing the money, we could build decent houses for everyone, and you know what – who needs all that millions to live with anyway?  Why should Government employees be paid so much? One person could get by on R100k a month, it is more than enough to survive.  You do not need food and clothing of R100k a month? Seriously? Who lives like that? why should they earn so many millions just because they are a VIP in SA? We can bless the people of our Country and help everybody to live comfortably in South Africa…. maybe it sounds far-fetched to you.  But i bet you God can make it happen!

Nahum brought a message of hope to the people of Judah; as i, Nomsa (Servant of God) am bringing a message of hope to South Africans and all other Innocents around the world – God will bring deliverance from the tyranny of your enemy, the destroyer.  You will be set free in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Name above all other Names, so help me God to spread the good news of the Kingdom.  It is not about your color – it is about loving you for who you are… join us in the quest to deliver the good news of God’s Kingdom to those who are oppressed.  God is bringing freedom and Kingdom Life to you so that you too, may enjoy a balanced and prosperous life in the Kingdom in Jesus Name.  May you be blessed as you pray for your oppressors today…. yes, do that!  Pray for their Salvation, before the wrath of God fall down upon them! For if they are not saved by God’s Grace in time, they will be destroyed and you will see it – Psalm 91:8.

(Shortened version of long Story by Ps. Nomsa – 2019)