PRAYER 103 – Send your Prayer Requests


We want to pray for you.  Please allow us to seek the Lords Face on your behalf; and intercede for you, no matter what it is that you need today.

Send us your pray request at the bottom of this Post.  Slide down with your cursor until you get a big block saying “Comments” and leave us your prayer requests there.

We can pray for you in different ways:

  1. We can send you a prayer by whattsapp in Text.
  2. We can send you a prayer by whattsapp in Audio
  3. We can send you an Audio prayer on the blog on the Prayer Page (remember that everyone will be able to listen to the prayer)
  4. We can pray for you by text on the blog (but again, remember anyone else will be reading your prayer as well)
  5. We can do a prayer for you ad everyone else who has the same problem, and do in in Video on our YouTube page.  (Again everybody else will be able to watch the video).
  6. We can phone you personally and pray for you over the Phone.
  7. You can come to our church for prayer and we will pray for you when you arrive at TRT.

Please let us know in which way yu would prefer us to pray for you.


TRT International (Church).
Prayer & Intercession Department


PRAYER REQUESTS – from you to us


Good day beautiful people of God,

We know there are many out there in the world that need a prayer for specific things in life – you are welcome to send your prayer requests through to us on our Blog.  Yes, that’s right. While you are on our Blog you can go down to the bottom of a post on the PRAYER Page.  We will be giving opportunity to everyone who needs prayer, to send their prayer requests through in the block that say “Comment”.  All you need to do is to check the new PRAYER Posts from today that will give you opportunity to post your Prayer Requests.

If it is for something standard like find a job, sickness, etc. and you do not mind people reading your requests you may send it through on our COMMENTS right at the bottom of the PRAYER PAGE.  Also remember, that your prayer request will be approved before it will appear on our Blog, and will then be answered by an Audio prayer for you personally according to your request, but everybody reading the Blog will be able to hear the audio prayer for you.  

If your prayer request is very personal and you do not want people to know about it, then you are welcome to send your prayer requests through to Pastor Nomsa personally, on her personal Email address.  No-one at church reads her personal Emails, except herself.  You will find her at – Ps. Nomsa will then contact you directly and ask if you want an audio prayer, or if she should pray for you over the phone.  Please know that Ps. Nomsa will regard your situation as confidential and it will not be discussed with anyone, not even church employees. 

We trust you will feel free to send your prayer requests through to us; to give us the opportunity to seek the Lords face on your behalf.



PRAYER 101 – for those suffering in different situations

PRAYER – for those suffering in different situations

Today we are Praying for  …..  

  • for the people who are sick
  • for all the men and women in hospitals/clinics who has pain in their bodies
  • for the children and adults who are being abused, hurt
  • for parents struggling to find a job
  • for all the poor and needy who are battling to survive in this Country
  • and for our Government in South Africa that God would intervene so that we would have an honest, loyal, righteous leader, with Integrity.


PRAYER 100 – Psalm 126


This is not a true prayer in the sense as we believe prayer to be, but hey, it is the Word of God so we can make it a prayer.

Please read and confess this Psalm 126 over our Country South Africa, and trust the Lord to bring Salvation, trust Him to do it again! in Jesus Name.


(MSG) Psa 126:1 A pilgrim song. It seemed like a dream, too good to be true, when GOD returned Zion’s exiles.
Psa 126:2 We laughed, we sang, we couldn’t believe our good fortune. We were the talk of the nations– “GOD was wonderful to them!”
Psa 126:3 GOD was wonderful to us; we are one happy people.
Psa 126:4 And now, GOD, do it again– bring rains to our drought-stricken lives
Psa 126:5 So those who planted their crops in despair will shout hurrahs at the harvest,
Psa 126:6 So those who went off with heavy hearts will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.



This is a reminder that our Prayer meetings are starting on Wednesday the 16th January, from 06H30pm.  All welcome.

Please remember our Prayer meetings are no longer on Tuesdays; but they will be on WEDNESDAYS for this year 2019.


PRAYER 96 – Confession 2019 The Year of Great Abundance

PROPHECY for this New Year 2019



For every good thing and all the promises from God according to His Word.

For Health and Healthy life-style during 2019.

For financial Breakthroughs and lack of nothing during this year

Everything we touch will prosper, all we confess will come to light.

We will spread the Word by grace of God with his Help.

We confess to go back of TV and new Radio Stations in Jesus Name

This will be a great Year as we Worship You. We thank you for all the blessings, also over South Africa, we call Peace in Jesus Name.

We trust that when we call upon you, and we are in brokenness that You will help us.

We trust Your Angels to protect us and out families during this Year 2019; and Your Holy Spirit will guide us.

We are Mightily blessed at TRT, a great Year of Abundance is here, we receive Your blessings, and thank You for them in 2019.

We confess New obedient people that will pay tithes and offerings; and thank You for spiritual growth and materialistic blessings in Jesus Name.

Thank You Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, to help us in going out to help others, the poor and needy.

We thank You that we are going back on TV and more radio stations to spread Your Word.

We all all promises from Your Word to manifest on this church ground, and in this Church TRT in Jesus Name.

We declare that all who is listening to the Audio will be blessed in Jesus Name.  Amen