Today we want to share with you a testimony about a Court Case which was hanging over the head of one of our congregation members Adriaan vd Heever.  He was involved in an accident and it ended up in court with a third party.

One Sunday evening before the Court Case (which was scheduled for the next Tuesday), we all prayed for him, and asked the Lord to help him in the current situation.  There was a lot of money involved in the case.

As we were praying the Holy Spirit led Prophet Nomsa to tell Adriaan to wear “black shoes” on Tuesday when he was going to the court.  The color BLACK in the spirit stands for spiritual Authority.  He promised to do so.

We waithing expectantly for the court case on Tuesday and that afternoon we had a call from Adriaan saying that God came through for him.  The case was resolved, and he (Adriaan) got the favor in the case; and there is going to be some good moneys to be paid out to him in the near future.

How amazing is our God!  He is faithful and He came through for Adriaan. God turned the whole case around to give Adriaan favor.

In the same way, we want to encourage you today, that God can also turn your situation around for you, in Jesus Name.  Trust Him with all your heart, and let us pray with you for your current situation.

You can contact Adriaan on 0610711956;  or his mother Rina on 0824216236

God bless

Hettie (Personal Assistant to Ps. Nomsa).