Mat 24:36 But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.


When i read the above scripture, it always amazes me that people can still try to predict when Jesus will return.  Scientists and other Scholars of the Word always try to teach us when will be the time He is coming; even on the internet today you find many unnatural things happening in the world (especially during February 2018) and then they give the topic: “The End is coming”; or “The End is here”; or something similar.  They write about floods; earthquakes; lights in the sky; faces of Jesus in the clouds; Angels seen moving on earth… etc.  But the funny thing is, Jesus warned us about all these things in Matt 24.  It is therefore not strange to us.  And all these are true and i believe them, but this is not a sign of the End time.  This is a sign that a new Season in our lives will begin when Jesus re-appear, because we will reign with Him on earth!  Yes, this same earth!

Jimmy Carter, one of America’s Presidents said the following: “We should live our life as though Christ was coming this afternoon”.  I think these are wise words, and we should adopt this axiom.

But my question to you today is: “Are you ready”?  If Jesus would appear right now before you, where you are  (because the Bible says every eye will see Him)… will you be ready?  Are you in that place where you can leave everything you are busy with, and reach out to your Savior and say:  “Here am I, Lord”…

I imagine, if you are still holding on to all the millions laying in your Bank; still bragging about your new car; still showing off your new house you bought to your family…..  i imagine, with sadness, that you will not be ready.  For God does not look at what you did, what you look like or what you possess… He will be looking at your heart, and only one thing will He see…. are you ready?