1 Kings 21:1-4

Naboth lived in the time of King Ahab who was married to Jezebel. He was an ordinary man who only had a vineyard. King Ahab has owned many vineyards, but his eye fell on the vineyard of Naboth, who did very well and looked beautiful. With his sly character and jealous attitude he decided that he wanted to take the vineyard for himself. King Ahab would have traded with the devil himself. He married Jezebel who brought idols in the country. They were not the kind of people you wanted as neighbors in those days.

Naboth the king made ​​an honest offer, but Naboth answered him in such a way that he began to feel guilty. By law, children may not sell their fathers’ inheritance [Lev 25:23; Num 36:7; Eze 46:18]. What Naboth was actually saying was that even the king falls under the authority of the law. The King learned that there was one man who highly respected God’s law to obey it.

But Naboth knew that Jezebel would not give up on what she wanted. They even murder to get what they want and Jezebel told a lie about Naboth, Naboth and his children were taken outside the walls and stoned to death. [2 Kings 9:26]. King Ahab went in and took the vineyard for himself. The next moment the prophet Elijah brought a word from God that they both would pay for the innocent blood of Naboth and his children.

The lesson that we should learn from this story is the following:

As Naboth stood on God’s law, in the same way we should be established under the grace of Jesus Christ today, with the Holy Spirit on our side. We must stand up for what we believe. Do not let wealthy people deprive you of your heritage. Even though Naboth was killed in this world, he lives in the Kingdom of God because he didn’t wanted to disobey God’s law. Stand firm in the New Testament commandment: Honor the Lord your God and love your neighbor. Your “neighbor” might even be the enemy who destroys your life, but stand firm on the Word of God.