TEACHING – Steadfast Endurance


Below Paragraph reading from Charles Spurgeon – ENDURANCE – Part A.

Here BELOW is the Teaching from Ps Nomsa with regards to this Book of James – ENDURANCE – Part B.

Here below is the Teaching from Ps Nomsa with regards to this Book of James –  ENDURANCE – Part C

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James 1:1-16  JAMES, A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes scattered abroad [among the Gentiles in the dispersion] {scattering, spreading, distribution}. Greetings (rejoice)!

Jacob’s twelve sons (in order of birth), Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin, with the exception of Joseph, whose two sons Mannasseh {only 5 daughters: Mahlah, Mikah, Tirzah, Hoglah and NOAH – Josh 17:3} and then Ephraim, who were adopted by Jacob, (Gen 48).

In Matt 1:1–6 and Luk 3:31–34 of the New Testament, Jesus is described as a member of the tribe of Judah by lineage. Rev 5:5 also mentions an apocalyptic vision of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

  • Jas 1:2 Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.
  • Jas 1:3 Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience.

Endurance – stamina, survival, durability, strength, patience.

Steadfastness – commitment, dedication, persistence, determination, loyalty, faithfulness.

Jas 1:4 But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.  

Rom 5:3 Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance.

Rom 5:4 And endurance (fortitude) develops  maturity of character (approved faith and tried integrity). And character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.

Rom 15:4 For whatever was thus written in former days was written for our instruction, that by [our steadfast and patient] endurance and the encouragement [drawn] from the Scriptures we might hold fast to and cherish hope.

Rom 15:5 Now may the God Who gives the power of patient endurance (steadfastness) and Who supplies encouragement, grant you to live in such mutual harmony and such full sympathy with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus,