Luk 10:19 Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.

Act 4:33 And with great strength and ability and power the apostles delivered their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace (loving-kindness and favor and goodwill) rested richly upon them all.

What an amazing God we serve!  He is a great God who loves us so very much and He blesses us with so much strength to overcome issues in this life-time.  He gives us physical strength, and also mental strength and abilities to fight the good fight of faith.  Look at Luke 10:19 – how amazing is this God we serve?  

In Acts 4 the Word declares that the Disciples delivered their testimony of Jesus Christ with great strength and power and abilities… it is these same abilities and strength He promised us in Luke 10:19 that the Disciples moved with in the Book of Acts.  They confidently relied and trusted in God to help them in every situation so that they will be able to help others.

Trust therefore on the Lord with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength and see how He will open doors for you in Jesus Name. Amen