About Us

TRT Church is situated between Meyerton and Three Rivers is the Vaal Triangle.  We are a church with a difference.  We believe in the working of the Holy Spirit and if you don’t know what that means, you must come and visit us.  We love making a joyful noise to the Lord as the Psalm says and we are open to receive anybody who needs help in whatever situation they are in. We also enjoy much time in deep worship before our Lord.

We are calling all saints and sinners to join us every Sunday afternoon for a deep revelation knowledge Teaching by the Holy Spirit of God. For those that have an ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying…!

Our Leader is Prophetic Teacher Nomsa and she is a Teacher with a difference… God has imparted into her deep revelations of His Word by His Grace and if you want to know more, you need to come visit us.  Her Teachings are being uploaded on YouTube and we know that our Listeners and Readers will be very blessed. On YouTube we have different Categories with many Videos: We have videos regarding KINGDOM AUTHORITY; the ENLIGHTENED WORD; the Book PROVERBS; and a few others are coming soon.  You can find us on YouTube at: “TRT Church”.

Have a look at our Kingdom Bible College Page!  Here we give you a glimpse of what you can expect from our Kingdom Bible College. We also have Prophecies that you can claim as your own; and Confession Prayers for different situations.  Please note though that these prayers are just a guidance and you should pray from your heart.  Our Q&A pages gives you the opportunity to ask questions regarding any topic that is being discussed on any page or anything you need to know about the Bible.

For those that are interested in what is happening at our church you can log into our Church Event page.  On this page is also Advertisements for Businesses from our Congregation members and others.  Another very interesting page is the Spiritual Books by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa which will bless you from time to time.  Her amazing teachings will be uploaded once a week after a Teaching service.  Enjoy a Devotional and start by Devotional Number One continuing as we go day-by-day.  Encouraging Messages from our Leader is being sent to you as we have time to bless you so feel free to read at any time.

Recently we added a page for the Youth and the Kidz as well.  We also have interesting Bible Characters and a Did you Know? section which is very interesting.  We trust that you will be mightily blessed with our Web-site and trust the Lord to help you grow in Spirit.

Join us for a service at TRT Head Office in Donald Road, number 46, Meyerton. We cannot tell you what time Church Services will be finish – only the Spirit of God knows!  But this much we can say, you will be blessed! We look forward to meeting you soon.  Join us for awesome time in worship and praising God and enjoy a sweet communion with us in the presence of God.

You are more than welcome to visit us for a lovely cup of Coffee/Tea any time, please phone our Office to make an appointment with our leader.  Our Secretary is HETTIE, and she is available during Office Hours on 0798601148.  Please note that our Church Office is closed after 6h00pm.  For all events on Mondays to Sundays please see our Monthly Calendar.

TRT Church is involved in a lot of Social work; Soup Kitchens; Outreaches; Charity work and assisting others who need help in difficult situations.  We have our own team called “TRT Relief” Team and where there is a need, we all go together to assist.  From time to time, approximately 3-4 times per year we go to Squatter-Camps in South Africa to help the people with Food parcels, clothing, shoes, toys for children, Blankets for the cold winter, and anything else we have received from Sponsors.

After taking these items to 3 different Squatter Camps, and coming back with some left-over items, they will be distributed at the Church on a “Come help Yourself” Day.  We advertise on Social Media and ask the poor and needy to come and fetch something for themselves; to help where we can.  We do this to enable us to get rid of older items, and to make place for new items we receive from time to time.   We want to thank all our Sponsors who help us from time to time.  We appreciate your help very much and ask God to bless you 100-fold.

Please remember that apart from the Web-site there is a BLOG with wonderful personal stories from Ps. Nomsa.  You can find her on  Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting our Web-site.